Comic Books

I’m sure some of you read them.

So what do you read regularly? What are some of your favorites?

Right now all I read regularly is The Walking Dead and Spawn(I have no idea why I still read this)

I was reading Y The Last Man, but then it ended.

I don’t read them regularly, instead I usually buy old ones. I have a few Spawn, Fate, WildCats Trilogy, and a a terribly trashed(water AND food damage) Iron Man #7 and Spider Man #4.

DC Comics is the pits these days. They’re selling their comics on the strength of death- either villains who kill viciously (we’re talking dismemberments and cannibalism here) or heroes who kill, OR who look like pansies for not killing, or who end up dead. I have no idea what’s gotten into them. Unless you’re into that, stay away. (Exception: their Kids Line, Johnny DC, features adaptations of DC cartoons like Teen Titans and Justice League- they’re as good as the TV shows. )

has done some boneheaded decisions lately- killing Captain America, divorcing Spider-Man by having him make a deal with the Devil (??) and such, but next to DC it’s a paradise.

Image Comics cannot be considered one universe anymore (the various writers have gone their separate ways) but they still put some good stuff, like Savage Dragon or “True Story, Swear to God.

There are a few other cool comics around, but you have to look around to find them. Oh, and there’s plenty of Manga translations as well- ironically, some of those (like Naruto) feel more superheroish than DC these days.

Runaways, Incredible Hercules, Marvel Zombies. Mostly I read old stuff.

I’m looking for more OEL (Original English Language) manga these days. I loved Megatokyo, Van Von Hunter, and Return to Labyrinth, so I’m hoping to find more along that vein, maybe by browsing Tokyopop’s site.

Unfortunately I seem to not allow myself the time to go buy stuff online (books or music)… my precious free time is generally taken up with playing games. Right now I’m working through Wild ARMs XF (and it does feel like work, most of the time).

It’s not a book, but xkcd

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I’m in love with Y: The Last Man, but I don’t get the actual comic, so I’m waiting for the final volume to come out.
Spoil anything and die.

DC is okay, but Marvel has been on a horrendous decline for a while now. I actually used to like them on the strength of X-Men and Runaways alone- but they screwed X-Men over with House of M, so now I just go for Runaways. (I collect those Essential volumes, though- I like reading all the old storylines for cheap.) I do like their Ultimate line of comics, though.

I like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but I know that a bunch of literary references are going way over my head- I’ll have to come back and read those when I’m older, I think.

I’d list my favorite webcomics, but that would take a few forevers. Maybe later.

I don’t pay much attention to the big super hero comics. Most of what I read are weirder comics such as Jim Woodring’s material and the uber-goth Jhonen Vasquez’s comics. I also like some manga, most particularly GON, that awesome dinosaur.

I’ve also read Aliens vs. Predator comics, although it’s been a while since I read one of those.

Futurama and Atomic Robo. And that’s about it.

If you haven’t read the Sandman series, V for Vendetta or Watchmen (yes I realise neither of those two are series but still, they’re awesome), do. apart from that, I don’t really keep up with any of them. The Gunslinger’s not bad though.

But it’s still lovely (meta) 19th century pulp goodness, even skipping most of the references.

I’ll add (to the “if you liked Sandman”) a recommendation to the now-ended Lucifer series, by Vertigo. Neil Gaiman said the writer did a better job with Lucifer’s character (or at least gave him better lines) than he did …

The only comic books I buy are Starwars Legacy’s.

The Adventures of Tin Tin! I’ve been reading those since as far back as I can remember. They are the best comics you’ll ever read in your entire life.

They have 2 Return to Labrynth books now, and the first book of Legend of the Dark Crystal. I have all 3 that they released so far. Great reads, they fit the stories of the movies pretty well. (Labrynth being a sequel, Dark Crystal being a Prequel)

I never liked Spider-Man marrying Mary Jane in the first place, but this isn’t really the way to break them apart. Silly Marvel :smiley:

The only comic I read regularly (As we don’t get a whole lot of them in Sweden) is Spider-Man.

Are like all comic-book story writers ex-writers for the Sopranos?

I never really read comics when I was growing up, simply because I would have preferred to read the whole arc of a comic series from beginning to end in like a few days, rather than jump in the middle of the story and have to wait a whole month till it continued itself.

I read a group of writers who I consider good.

Millar, Morrison, Ellis, Bendis, Fraction

and to a lesser extent Vaughan, Whedon, and Brubaker

nowawadays almost all arcs are released in either trade paperbacks (for basically the same or less cost as the individual issues) or in a fancier hardcover format. You should look into some of them.