Comedy Central cartoon

This isn’t anime, but it is a cartoon. There’s an a reality show spoof of game characters drawn together. Its for a more mature audiences, but it isn’t X-rated. Its called Drawn Together if I remember right. Anyone else seen or heard of it?

Yeah, I saw the ep where the video game character confesses that he is gay and he falls in love with a gay genie. Pretty funny.

I saw some episodes it on MTV sometime back, including the one Nightblade mentioned. Pac-Man was in it too :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a chapter where the pig slaved the Pikachu-lookalike to make cheap shoes and got attacked by a mob of Asian sweatshop children who merged in a giant robot. (“Ah Shit, I forgot Asians can do that!”). Funny stuff.

Only seen one episode. I think it was the one focused on the Disney Princess and how she was looking for Prince charming who ends up killing himself. It was kinda funny.

It’s a pretty funny show when I remember it, but I don’t feel the urge to remember what time it’s on and watch it constantly, like I do with The Daily Show or the Colbert Report.

Yeah, thats a relatively funny show. PRetty good spoof of Big Brother/reality TV. The Comedy Network plays it up here in Canada on Saturdays at I think 9:30 in the evening. They’re in ‘new’ episodes I think, or at least new in the sense that Canadian TV gets shit like…a year or two later.

Yeah, they’re on season two here as well.

It has some pretty funny moments.

It can be good. I think the humor gets boring at times, but on the whole I enjoy it.

It’s about the most offensive show I’ve ever seen, except for maybe the pilot of Tokyo Breakfast.

I didn’t order a pizza with… SAUSAGE!

i have some friends who are big fans of that show. I think it’s pretty funny. its not my favourite cartoon, but I’ll still watch it if it’s on tv.

drawn together rocks, it’s one of the only things where i ACTUALLY urinated myself cos i was laughing so hard. the other thing was freddie got fingered. damn that was a funny film. it needs its own thread. give me a minute. but anyway, drawn together is so great. ‘they took my money, my car, everything. altho they didn’t take my innocence. no. i lost that many years ago, when i was a young boy who’d do anything to please his stablemaster’. or something. heavily paraphrased.