Comedian Charles Rocket (SNL) commits suicide.



Crap you beat me to it. ;_;

:moogle: Oh yeah I remember him. he that guy that no one payed attention to.


MAY HE MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH IN THE AFTERLIFE. WHOEVER HE IS. I think we all realize now why he commited suicide. No one knows who he is.

he was the head bad guy in Dumb and Dumber. Not the gas man. Regardless of whether you know him or not suicide is a very sad thing and probably should not be joked about.

lol someone died

That’s uncalled for.

I guess he got it right.

Really? I think it is quite the opposite. =) More people should look into killing themselves.


Unlike all those emo kids >_>;

He was that guy in some episodes of Saturday Night Live, who was full of obscenities.

It’s times like this that I like you. :stuck_out_tongue:

He must have skipped the “try it with a key” step.

That isn’t funny.

On an unrelated note Dev what is that girl in your siggy eating? Are they moon pies or hamburgers?

Oh, now that somebody said he was the guy from Dumb and Dumber I know who he is. He’ll be missed by some.

They’re far and few inbetween, but when they come around, they’re pretty good aren’t they?

I don’t really watch SNL so I have no idea who he is, but it’s sad he offed himself.

He was in the first wave of “lame” SNL years, early 80’s, after the original cast had all moved on but before the second “good” period of Myers, Hartman, Carvey, etc started.

He was in there along with Brian Doyle (not Bill) Murray, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Joe Piscopo, and Eddie Murphy. That era.

The years NO ONE our age knows about or has consistently seen since they were never shown on ComedyCentral or E!