Come on guys! Let's paralyize some signposts!!

Hey, in Morrowind, (I used GOTY), try casting paralyze, blind, whatever on a sigpost, then look above it where the status effect is shown… hehe.


This purposeless thread is now about things you have done in MMOs/games in general that make you a jerk. :3

In Ultima Online, drive-by carpentry is hilarious to watch. Surround an asshole player with furniture and watch as he sits there unable to do anything until a DM comes along. >:D

Also, KotOR1 wins the prize for making you feel like a jerk. Stupid fucking dark-side path. They could at least make you feel evil, rather than just a dick.

Say ‘fuck’, to some shopkeepers in Tibia, specifically in Carlin, and they shoot fireballs at you. :D:DDD

Play Axl Low in any Guilty Gear game. That makes you a jerk right there. :smiley:

PLAY guilty gear games, THAT makes you a jerk… lol

Hahaha, Western Plaguelands was no longer “Contested Territory” today. It was “Lanyx Territory,” I annihilated everyone in the entire area. It kicked ass. I don’t know if this makes me an asshole, most people I attacked were at LEAST 57+. I guess camping their body makes me a bit of an asshole (Camping= Killing them, waiting for them to spirit run from the graveyard back to their corpse, and killing them again when they revive), but it was hilariously fun. I love how Blizzard has decided that you cannot be labeled as a “griefer” in a PVP server, because all of the listed above are PVP elements. I went to Orgrimmar gates, and even dueled an Orc right outside with at least 30 level 60s watching (I was especially vulnerable, because only THEY can initiate combat, it is Horde territory) and I kicked his ASS. Well, I didn’t act like it or anything. After his defeat, I did a /bow, and proceeded into the city with none of them touching me. I went to the auction house (Stealthed of course) and I was going to kill the auctioneers (Cutting off Horde access to auctions), but I found it was a bannable offense because the only way to get to them was through an exploit (Which they are going to fix soon, so that alliance can kill the auctioneers without be warned/banned). I killed some random horde in the middle of the auction house and hearthed my ass out of there. This is where the ownage ends… Until tomorrow.

But yeah, I dominate.

Explain kplzthxbye. Not everyone dislikes the same things you do. :stuck_out_tongue: