Come on Cid, you're lagging.

FF11 has been out for awhile (September/October I think for PC) and I don’t see anythign about it on the Compendium. What’s the deal?

I’m just joking; although I do hope that you get some stuff up on it soon.

Wilfredo is in charge of the new content. Go ahead and yell at him.

Personally, I’ve never played it, nor do I have any intention to, so I’m not in any position to add any information on it.

Yeah Nick, Cid handed over the controls for most of FFCompendium to new people, some time ago now.

You should check the updates more regularly.

I thought that he was still in charge, but was having others help him. Then Wilfredo, what’s the dealio? You’re months behind schedule.

As I’ve explained to Cid in a series of regular Emails I’ve been sending him, lots of unforseen things have happened to me to delay me, to the point of almost being absurd.

First of all, I’ve had a LOT of unexpected work. Thankfully, I’m now working fully on the update.

However, I don’t have the game either; I intended to use the Guide as an official source… but they sold out here, and contrary to what I expected, more were NOT shipped along the PS2 debut of the game.

So I was forced to just pick stuff from FF11 sites and hope that it’s correct. (Born Loser is also reporting to me with info as he plays the game.) I have quite a few images and Info bits saved already, and I’m working on doing the pages in HTML. Hopefully you’ll begin to see the new stuff in the next few days. Please note, however, that we’re no longer doing updates in huge blocks, instead we’re posting the updated pages one at a time. So please keep checking the FFC for the new stuff.

Thank you.

Since you are using guides and sites, maybe you could get someone who has the game to help you? Ahkeeyuu has been playing awhile and seems to know a lot about the game. Nulani and RPT also seem quite knowledgable on the game. FF11 is quite massive and it would be hard fro any single perosn to do it alone. It’s just an idea. That way they can also verify the stuff you find.

As I mentioned, Nathan (that’s Born Loser to you) is giving me a personal account of his FF playing experiences. He’s been very helpful. But, I certainly will welcome anyone’s help, and of course I will post any questions I have here.

Like this one: Are ALL the Avatars (Summons) already available? I have only found images of about seven of them. Anybody knows were I can find them all? Or are they being revealed slowly?

I found this

I could use the guide, but 20 bucks is just too much to spend for a guide for a game that is subject to change with the next update… allthough, it probably would make the game go a little smoother for me right now…

The thing about FF11 is that…

  • There are four countries that you can be alied to.
  • There are 5 races
  • There are 8 (I think) main classes
  • There are like, 30 total classes that become available eventually
  • They can keep adding an infinitely high number of missions
  • The world is FUGGING huge! And it’s impossible to even get out of your area before you’re like, level 20 at least. The monsters just don’t allow for it to happen. I managed to get from Bastok to North San d’Oria in 7 hours. When you compare it to FF10, where I can walk the world in 2 hours with Encounters Off…
  • Then there’s the expansion pack - Rise of Ziraat

I do not understand why you would try to make a section of a website on a game you haven’t even PLAYED- I think that someone who actually has experience should do it, no offense. Actual experience beats the pants off of guides and secondhand sources.

I doubt ALL the Avatars are currently available; Avatars, like magic (and, for that matter, pretty much everything else) are constantly being added to. I’m willing to bet that half a year from now there’ll be a couple more, at least.

It is possible to cross the world before level 20, but it you have to avoid everything. I made it from Bastok to Windurst on foot at level 9. It was hard and I avoided everything, but it’s possible. The center of the areas is the hardest. Like between Bastok and San d’Oria, the toughest area is the Vulkurm Dunes. From Bastok to Vulkurm, the enemies get tougher and tougher. However, once past Vulkurm, they get easier and easier as you approach San d’Oria, whcih makes perfect sense, fi you think about the reverse of San d’Oria to Batok with Ronfraue (sp?) to the La Theine to Vulkurm getting harder and easier as you get to Bastok.

It is really cool, I’m playing with parties mroe now and it really feels like FF now. In fact it sort of gives me strategies for the other games. Such as I have foudn that a team of 3 is all you really need. 1 dedicated healer and 2 heavy hitters, one preferably being a warrior. My teams have found that an easy way to fight is to provoke an enemy into attacking the warriior (in my case, me), the other hitter supports my attacks, and our healer focuses almost solely on healing the warrior (me). The other hitter doesn;t get hit, or at least rarely, and the healer keeps my HP up. My team of 3 was able to get rid of 3 orcs (fodder, the magic one, and grappler) with relatively little damage (maybe losing about 30-40 HP each at most) with this strategy, the only reason they lost HP was because the other 2 attacked while we concentrated on one). We got mad exp doing this. I’m about half way to level 11 already and I started about 400 from level 10. We could have kept going and I would of had 11 soon, but I have to get to bed and do a little bit of work.

I’m surprised by how few lamers there are on FF11. I’ve only met a couple stupid people (such as one party member wanted to fight in a popular area because the monsters gave good exp, but it was stupid since we were hardly fighting anything since everyone took them, it would have been better to fight a lot of weak stuff and he wouldn’t budge). Also, I aske done guy from directions and he just pretended to kick em, but most people are really cool If I’m in trouble I can easily ask for help. If I’m lost I can ask for directions and get polite answers. I get healed and support spells from random people, it is great.

Also, I’d have to say that Loki has a point and I’ve been thinking the same thing. Such as in guides you really mis the exerience and how everything works. Guides help a lot if you are playing, but don’t help much if you haven’t played it.

No offense, but how many of us play a game and ACTUALLY take notes at the time so the best data available can be posted on a website? Only people like Cid and me. :slight_smile: Not to mention, with 11 being basically an endless game, there would not have been much point in playing it, as there’s not much “story” to experience. Fear not, tho- I intend to play ALL the FFs I can BEFORE I do updates on them- 11 is just out of my reach (read: no $$) right now, and I’m not going to wait until I do. (And I don’t think I would enjoy it much, anyway.)

Wil also mentioned to me via ICQ that something’s wrong with his E-mail, which naturally causes problems. I hope you found out what was wrong, Wil. ^^;

I’m gonna be getting FFXI soon, so I might be able to give you some info. Then again, I bet the others could probably give you more than enough, seeing as they’ve played much longer than I have (Which totals about 3 hours at my friend’s house).

I actually bought a new pad of paper and a pack of the mechanical pencils so i can take notes while i play… but lately my note-keeping has been lagging and i;ve been relying on memory. Plus, due to insomnia(i wonder why i have that) my vission is all weird… I finally got some decent sleep, gonna jump back into the game and try to find a way out of the dunes without getting raped by Gob’s.

Although it has no relevance to Final Fantasy XI, I will be updating the FFCompendium with a slew of general information sometime this week (probably between Thursday and Saturday). Watch for it.

And patience people… Final Fantasy XI is a very large, non-linear game. Wilfredo will update as soon as he can.