Come on, check it out.

Well this is my first go at a poem, written from the POV of a FF character.

[u]Hidden Within[/u]

I can feel it,
There, Inside of me,
Just waiting.

To get out, as I fight.

I must control it,
Stop him,
From escaping.

But it is hard,
All I want,
Is to,

They die as I sleep,
But I can’t sleep,
I must fight,
To protect,
What I can.

But if I do,
It will be free,
The real me,
Hidden within.

------ “Vincent Valentine, FF7”

So tell me what you think. I could probably do with some pointers.

I like it. Was the real Vincent angry?

I’m thinking that the one called “real me” would be Chaos, but that’s just me. Nice poem, HS :slight_smile:

It doesn’t rhyme too much, its very well thought out though, maybe you could make some more?, please?

Well Weiila managed to get it right, the “real me”, does refer to Chaos.

Yoshmeister: I never like my poems to rhyme, whenever I try, they always come out corny. And I do have other pieces that I’m working on, they will be up asap.

If I didn’t better, I’d think you were talking about pregnancy…

PREGNANCY!?!?! I guess I can see your point. But, that’s not exactly the concept I was going for. Especially since Vincent is a GUY!

I know, like I siad, I do know better, which is why I don’t think the poem is about pregnancy but rather is about Chaos, Vincent’s tranformed state. What I meant was a lot of the imagery you used was equivilent to describing what it must feel like to be pregnant.

Yeah I know what you mean, there is a lot of that sort of imagery. Oops. Well that should be the only one with strange/misleading imagery, I hope.