Come forward and behold true greatness...

That link will lead you to the profile of Erico, one of the greatest fanfic writers that exists. He has given us, without a doubt, some of the best Megaman fanfics ever written. Not since Frank Verderosa have I seen a fanfic author of this calibur.

Just recently, he finished his latest epic, “Demons of the Past”, the latest in a series of MMX fanfictions.

If you are a fan of the Megaman series, then read his stuff. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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I’ve also had an idea for a MM fic. Someday I should really get writing it…

A STARTROPICS fanfiction? Oh my… I think I have time to read this! Thanks for the link, GG!

Yup, he’s also the author of (as far as I know) the only Startropics fanfic in existance. And its damn good, too.

They SO should remake/port those games…