Combination of FF's for the PS3

I think that for their debut on the PS3, Square Enix should start a new sector for
the Final Fantasy series. My idea is that Square could make a game containing
characters from all over the series and put them in one adventure. It would have
a totally new storyline, a new planet with all new areas and towns, and a new
set of main characters and villians. It would sorta be like how Kingdom Hearts
brought all of the disney characters together. Right now, I am calling my idea
Final Fantasy Collaberation, but if anyone can think of a better name, please
tell me.

I’m afraid it’d never get off the ground. Certainly not in North America. There’s just not enough demand for it.

That would be an awesome game. But unfortunately I doubt it would make it over to America, if it was made.

I’d be interested. Maybe make a fan-game since Square will never get their head out of their ass long enough to listen to it’s older fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nor will they ever allow a fan-game to be made (witness what happened to Chrono Resurrection).

interesting… not that bad of an idea, but i probably wont like the reason that they’re in a new world. i’d have to learn more about the story to produce a more certain opinion, but i like it. the question is, thjough, would dead characters such as Aeris be alive? would they remember their own worlds? i think i like it, though. i like the title “Final Fantasy Collaboration,” too, but there’s something about it that needs tweaked.

The characters would not recall anything that happend in the games that they came from. In fact, it will seem as if it never happend to them. In this game, the storyline will not follow that of the series games that they came from. They will have been born and always lived in the world that the game takes place in(unless a story unrelated to ones of the series decides otherwise). This means that characters who died such as Aeris, Tellah and Auron would be alive and in the game. However, there personal traits can stay the same. Cid from FFVII would still be smoking and Edgar would still be a ladies man. It’s a new sector of the series consisting of characters, elements and other stuff from the FF series. The one thing that cannot be taken are the storylines, because then nothing would make any sense. The story would be completly new.

I don’t see how a game like this wouldn’t be released in America. The FF series is more popular here than it is in Japan. It is not directly part of the series but that doesn’t mean it will never be released here. What is with all of the doubts?

What did happen to Chrono Resurrection anyway?

It was a remake of Chrono Trigger with better graphics made by fans of the original. It was shut down due to copyright laws.

I don’t see how a game like this wouldn’t be released in America. The FF series is more popular here than it is in Japan. It is not directly part of the series but that doesn’t mean it will never be released here. What is with all of the doubts?

You honestly think FF is more popular in America than Japan? Sorry to be so blunt, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. The FF soundtracks have topped bestseller lists in Japan. On days when a new FF is released, schools give half a day off so people can line up for video game stores. In America they are at best a fringe market with a weak finger in the mainstream. RPGs in general don’t sell nearly as well in America as sports or shooting games. A game based almost solely on placating FF fans simply won’t do well here.

Aren’t all the FF games placating on the series fans?

Hardly. The more recent FF games have reinvented the series. They each have their own story; their appeal doesn’t come from using characters and elements solely from previous games. In other words, anyone can pick up and play it; they don’t have to have played any of the other games to enjoy it to its fullest.

If your statement is true, can you please explain how Kingdom Hearts did so well. That was a game placating on fans of both FF and Disney.

Yeah, Kingdom Heart’s does play on fans of Disney and FF, but it still had it’s own unique story, and main characters. Which makes it possible to pick up and play to anyone.

The appearances of the FF characters were only as side characters. Not like what you are suggesting. Plus the Disney characters who made the bigger appearances, are more commonly known to the Western market. So it was less a play on FF fans, and more a play on Disney, which is a lot more popular.

How about something like Final Fantasy Tactics where you could have all the characters in aback roster but could only fight with a few at a time. You could have several differnt teams at once all working on their own story tht somehow intertwines with all the other’s storie’s kind of like Snatch or Pulp Fiction. But remember you choose who is in which team and different characters will react differently so the stories will all be different depending on who is in which team giving this game tremendous replay value. It would be called Final Fantasy Journeys.

I don’t know why we’re even discussing this… unless you somehow manage to buy out Square Enix and dictate their fiscal plan for the next three years, this isn’t happening.

As has been mentioned, Disney is far more popular here than FF was, and most of the characters in KH were Disney, not FF, who were mainly sprinkling on the cake and had almost nothing to do with the actual stories they came from.

Square Enix could give another company permission to make the game, they would of coarse ask for profits that is. They made this deal with Nintendo when Super Mario RPG was made, only they were the ones making it and Nintendo was getting the profits.

They certainly could. Do you own a company that makes video games?

No, but I know of many companies that can. How about Mist Walker, the new company started by the series creator, Hironobu Sakaguichi. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind making it(considering that they haven’t made one game yet).