Colossus of Rhodes being rebuilt

This is a fairly old article, but I only just found out about it. Holy shit, I can’t wait to see it completed.

Oh shit I’d better chop down my forests and rush production of the Hanging Gardens before Mesopatamia finishes!!!1

Oh, zeppelin, trying for the cultural victory are we? When you’re finished, let me know. I’ll be glad to take that pesky city off your hands. I’m gunning for Police State, bitch (well, to be more accurate, I’d be gunning for the tech Fascism, but you know what I mean)!

I don’t know what anything is :smiley:

Myself, I’m working on winning the space race…

Seriously, though, I want to see this.

If you go for space race, your score isn’t usually nearly as high, unless you gun for space techs early. You miss out on a lot of stuff if you do that, though. I prefer to go for culture, domination, or conquest. Diplomacy and space race are a last resort.

Sounds cool. I want to see this finished.

Now let’s rebuild King Kong and make him dance.

Weren’t the Hanging Gardens like, really useless? It was an expiring wonder, if I recall.

Dude, Egypt finished the Pyramids, like thousands of years ago. Now they have granaries for everyone :confused:

Oh, I didn’t realize we were playing Civ II. If that’s the case, yeah- fuck the Hanging Gardens.

Hey, the Hanging Gardens got better as the level you played at went higher. They were useful in staving off revolts and building up your science and tax monies until you could build the Cathedral.

Cathedral fukken rox. \m/

Is it bad if I didn’t know which game you were talking about until someone mentioned it by name? >_>

Now how about they rebuild the other Wonders of the World…I want my Lighthouse at Alexandria and Statue of Zeus (at Olympia).

The Great Library would be the best, though it’s impossible. All that ancient knowledge lost. =\ is pretty damn close

Gimmie some Tower of Babel. I’ve got some spitting in God’s eye to do! (And by spit I mean Firebirds.)

I haven’t heard anything about this (and I’m a few hours by boat away).

Plus, I was all ready to come predictably scathing and stuff with “It’s not a Colossus of Rhodes if it’s on RI” but my hopes got dashed.