Colorado: Florida 2004?????

Now here’s an interesting topic I’ve been seeing much of in the Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post lately. People in Colorado are creating false voter registration forms in an effort to line their own pockets. Combine that with Amendment 36, a proposition to evenly distribute electoral votes to each candidate(winner gets 5, loser gets 3, and third party gets 1) in the state of Colorado, whose voice in the election is already questionable. The end result is a possible lawsuit after the election. Florida, anyone? Seems like voting in Colorado is shaping up to be a downhill battle. If Amendment 36 is passed, then Colorado no longer is a “swing” state. Nor will it be a state worth campaigning in. Makes me Kinda happy that I am voting in Ohio(also a “swing” state) through an absentee ballot. I am registered there and know my vote will count, as opposed to Colorado, where I was victim of a “Special Interest” group providing false registrations.

Damn, this system’s fucked up.

I will check the Post/news website and post links to these stories tonight.

I thought Colorado was having a referndum that would give proportional Electoral votes. Like, if Bush got 60% of the state’s vote, he would get 60% of the Electoral votes or what that rounded to, not this 5-3-1 business. In addition, I’ve heard the Constitutional challenge to this not be based upon the proportional system (as the Constitution does give state legislatures the authority to decide how their Electoral votes will be apportioned), but rather the question of whether or not a state legislature can said power to the people via a referendum.

There have been groups all around the country doing voter registrations then not submitting the completed forms. My brother filled out a new one at college and they never sent it in, and he told me that they probably didn’t submit at least 40-60% of the registrations that were filled out.

Electoral college sucks enough already. Everyone knows this.

I stand corrected. But in Colorado, that’s what it will be like, since traditionally, Presidential races are close in Colorado(there has never been a huge margin of decision in Colorado). In other states however, the electoral vote split would be different.