Colnel Roy Mustang

He’s my new avvy. Isn’t he delightfully sexy/rawesome?

He looks like some angsty teen.

He’s a well respected Colnel who is on his way to becoming Fuhrer! He is no angsty teen! He is in his thirtys!

But is he as respected of a colonel as Sanders?

Colonel has a second “o” after the l.


Lets all write this new word in our word books 5 times so we remember it.


He only plans on becoming Fuhrer so that he can make all females alchemists wear miniskirts.

I will follow this man to the ends of the earth!

Y’know, at first glance I read that as “Colonel Roy Campbell.” I need to lay off the Metal Gear >_>

He can light fires with his gloves, and that is awesome

He most definately is. Mustang kicks ass.

Need those gloves.

Colonel Mustang, in the library, with the candlestick.

Off topic, but I also got a new avatar(man I miss my Frog) because someone else was using the exact same one, so now my avatar is Hein, the sarcastic wizard who is Erwin’s right hand of magic in Langrisser 2/Der Langrisser

Damnit! Beat me to it.

Hughes dies.

That’s our next gimmick, FMA avatars, Hades. :smiley:

Dammit, Pierson, why’d you have to go and post a real spoiler!? cries

Not bishie.
Not worth cookies!

Nope, sorry, that’s wrong.

This thread does not meet crab-day standards. Please crab-it-up… yo.

Also, Roy looks much better in my Yaoi- he looks terrable there.