I forgot what I was going to say, it took so long to load the page. Oh yeah, that’s what I was going to say. My connection sucks. Now that everyone has moved into the dorms and plugged into the network, it’s slower than my modem at home. On the other hand, I can stay up all night to surf the net. Wait, that’s not a good thing, aww crap.

College = Your oppurtunity for a chance to get a better career in some field

Have fun.

Dont download any music, or the feds will kick you out of school…they monitor most colledges to see if the kids download “pirated” songs…

Congratulations: You are now on the threshold to the true hell on earth.

Prepare to know debt for the rest of your life. Unless you scored major scholarship bucks.

Actually, college can be a lot of fun. The classes are a lot more interesting. And there’s usually something interesting happening around your student center or quad area (rallys, demos, stuff like that). And, of course, the party scene.

This is (usually) where you kinda figure out who you really are. Good luck.

So it’s not ok to download music on a college network…

…but it’s spiffy to download pr0n, right?

Bah, I’m gonna download music anyways.

There’s legal issues with downloading music. And I won’t have debt for the rest of my life, my career choice has a dangerously high demand rate that will increase drasticly by the time I’m done in 6 years. Plus the starting rate is $60,000 and up. And I’ll be a doctor, too. Isn’t pharmacy great?

And I found out why the computers were so slow, the campus network got hit by that worm. They had to shut them down yesterday to straighten everything out.