College Saga!

Or: what would the FF games be like if they starred college students. (Live action, four parts)

If this has been posted already, well excuse me.

My favorite parts are the FF Menus (how do they do that!?) and the battle with Bush. :hahaha;

I found Leviathan’s Tidal Wave chuckle-worthy.

Found this awhile ago. It’s still funny.

The pronounciations of LOL, LMAO, and OMGWTF had me chuckling.

That, and the intro to the first Diculous battle. I just wished they actually used the Leviathan summon. But the Hallelujah spell more than made up for it.

I saw these sometime ago too. Upon watching, I wondered if this is this what next-next-next-next-gen FFs will look like… (with more bloom too ;o)

I’ve always been more fond of the Counter-Strike ones, though, hehehe…

Holy crap, i’ve been on that campus :open_mouth:

Pretty funny too…i thought it’d be lame but was pleasantly surprised :3

Haha, that was hilarious, thanks for posting the link. :smiley:


edit: Shit, I chocked on my chocolate during the last fight’s dancing intro. Silly Wonka.

XD. It is indeed funny.

That is pretty good.

I especially love the fights, they are so weird. Although I would be rather freaked out if I saw them filming this on my campus. I would be wondering what the hell they were doing. Oh well.

Holy sheet. I’d love to play that. XD

I especially like the Chocobo summon. And that girl in the cafeteria.