Anyone else a fan? (Hint: Non-fans don’t post here)

Their music is pretty nice, at least what I heard of it on the radio. Although I’m hoping they have a bit more variety, 'cause the two songs I heard sound remarkably alike.

I agree with Cid. The few songs that did touch me, though, were beautiful, and as such, were put on CDs. I think my favorite (released) song of theirs is Trouble.

I tend to ignore them. Their style just doesn’t rub on me most of the time but I do like some of their songs very much. Speed of Sound and God Put a Smile Upon My Face are my favorites, although I admit I haven’t heard that much. And I agree with Cid too, a bit of a different tune wouldn’t hurt.

I enjoy the song “God Put a Smile Upon My Face”. I don’t know why, it’s just a groovin song. I’m sure there’s other songs I like by them, I just forgot. I don’t think I’d get any of their albums though, they don’t interest me that much.

I hated “yellow” when it came out, still would hate it hearing it now. I love “clocks” and “the scientist”. I have their album" A rush of blood to the head", but haven’t given it a real listen through.

I adored yellow when I heard it. It became one of my favorite songs of all time. I haven’t heard a song by them that I haven’t liked. Well… Yet.

I heard them one time, and I thought it was U2. They are okay I guess.

I’ve only heard Clocks, but it’s a rather good song.

I would also like to state that Clocks was used in a WWE Desire video for Kurt Angle. The song fit it perfectly. :slight_smile:

I’m not a huge fan of Coldplay and I disagree with the bullshit claims of the media of them being the new biggest band in the world. But I do enjoy some of their songs such as “The scientist” and whatever the hell their new song is called…I love the opening piano and chorus. It’s fabolous.

I’m with the “only heard a few songs but they were good” crowd. Although for some reason I couldn’t stand Yellow when it came out, probably because it was overplayed. Anyway, I like Trouble and whatever that song they have out now is called.

Everyone is the “biggest band in the world” now-a-days.

Well, except Steve’s band.

Anyways, I think Coldplay is okay. Their history is interesting, I’d advise you all to check it out.

Nevermind: Don’t want to shit on your thread.

Steve isn’t it a band.

Edit: Fine, the douche is gone. But we all know it’s there in spirit.

I thought that Cless said to stop with the douches and Setz?

And yeah, I agree with the biggest band is everyone thing…but it’s painful to hear of <i>Coldplay</i>, of all bands to have that title stuck to them :frowning: I mean, like I said, I like some of their songs but…can’t they be happy sometimes ;_;

I think I’ve only heard Trouble, or at least I may have heard others but I wouldn’t know if it was Coldplay. I like Trouble even though it’s a bit depressing.