Cold Turkey

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I found it to be an interesting article, obviously against the current US administration but it was a good read anyway.

Hmm…I should read one of his books.

Interesting…I enjoyed it.

Very nice.
Worth cookies!

and so over the wide and vast plains of Canada groans the endless expance of humanity, spinning, whirling, singing the song of high energy prices.

Am I not mistaken in the fact that the US has many cappied oil wells? If so how many is ‘many’?


Yep, it is all about Algebra. I really like Algebra. I suppose that is tantamount to treason?

Believe me, I know all about upwards prices, and it’s not the distributors, just point in the general direction of those who actually refine petroleum and you’ll see who’s got the blame.

If the price went up depending on my salary, I’d change jobs.

I loved that article.