Coke or pepsi?

Personally I’ll take coke, even diet coke, anyday over pepsi. Pepsi just seems more of a watered down taste, er well they both have carbonated water as their main ingredient so you figure out what i mean. >_> I could be dying of thirst, er well if i was dying i’d drink it, but would rather not. I don’t drink soft drinks too often though, usually its water or maybe even fruit juice for me.

Recently my mom’s been converted to the bad side of softdrinkism, the weasel piss a.k.a. pepsi. My family jokingly calls pepsi weasel piss. What am i to do? ;_; I need to get her some intervention.

Anyhow let the battle of the two main heavyweights of soft drinks begin!

Mountain Dew. Red. Or Orange Crush. I really liked Pepsi blue when it was around. But its gone now.

Coke, duh. Coke is the best! It totally rules out pepsi in any way. By the way, wtf is mountain dew? I’ve seen other people mention it in an earlier thread but i’ve got no fuckin idea what it is. is it any good?

They both suck. Really, really bad.

Well i find coke to be “hard” while pepsi is “soft” or something along the lines of that, anywho my choice would be pepsi

I prefer super chill

I like them both.

I’ve always been a fan of Pepsi myself. But I’ll drink which ever one I’m offered.

Neither. Gimmie a Dr. Pepper any day. Or a root beer. :smiley:

Dr. Pepper :smiley:

Despite being a Jawja boy, I’m a fan of Pepsi. Although, I do use Coke as my generic term for carbonated beverages. Does that count?

Also, I must point out that both Pepsi and Coke pale in comparison to the sweet nectars known as Cheerwine and Mountain Dew: Live Wire.

I’m gonna have to go with Red Mountain Dew also. Between the two colas, I prefer Royal Crown. But Coke mixes hella good with Jack Daniel’s.

Does anyone else here like Mr Pibb?

Mr. Pibb is the poor man’s Dr. Pepper.

And Mello Yello is the poor man’s Mountain Dew, Fanta is the poor man’s Orange Crush, and Sierra Mist is the Poor man’s Sprite

It depends.

For soda n00bs, Pepsi is better. It’s more sugary, and a lot easier to drink faster cos it’s not as tear-jerking.

Coke on the other hand, tastes better cos of that tear-jerking sensation, but it’s hard to drink a lot of it unless you’re an oldbie. :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t make me feel quite as hyperactive as Pepsi though.

Most fast food restaurants I go to endorse Coke, so I just happen to drink it more. I’m not very partial to either one, though. Just depends on my mood.

Oh, and Mr. Pibb PWNZ you.

Fanta isn’t the poor man’s anything. It just sucks. It’s too bad they’re apparently getting rid of Minute Maid in favor of Fanta. At least Sunkist and Live Wire are still better. Never had Orange Crush.

And SG, I think the only fast food restaurants that stock Pepsi are Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

That’s right. It’s because they are all owned by the same parent company. Sierra Mist isn’t the poor man’s Sprite. Sierra Mist is made by the makers of Pepsi. I’m a fan of Pepsi. I’ll drink Coke, but it really isn’t my thing. I’ll drink most other sodas over Coke.

Just a funny piece of trivia. On the east coast, military chow halls have Coke, but on the west coast it is Pepsi.

To me it’s no surprise that they don’t sell Pepsi Blue anymore, that stuff sucked so bad. I had it the day before I graduated from boot camp on visitor Thursday (the day you actually become a Marine and get a couple of hours of liberty) and I couldn’t drink it even though I hadn’t had any soda in 3 months. Recruits are known to be able to eat and drink a bunch of anything, but even I couldn’t drink that.

Aww you fucking traitor! Coke all the way! Sierra Mist is the only acceptable Pepsi product period. In fact, I’m drinking one right now.

Hey, I still like Coke. I’m a big fan of Coke. I’m just a bigger fan of Pepsi.