Coffee houses?

I love coffee houses… and I was wondering do you people go to them? Have a favorite? detest them totally?

I’m sorry if this is sorta odd, but coffee is my life.

I like starbucks, but I also like this place around here called Java Joes. It’s spiffy, it’s a big bookstore/newstand/ coffee house.

I like this one in Jacksonville, NC, it allows military personnel to use their stuff for free. Military people can go in and just watch what they have on TV, eat/drink at their tables, etc. and not have to buy anything. Plus, their stuff is pretty good and they are nice.

I tried coffee once. Didn’t like it. End of story.

…yeah, I suck…

Ugh, no. I can’t stand coffee.

I can’t stand the smell of coffee, it makes me feel like I’m gonna vomit. But the coffee houses themselves are nice.

I go to them only when I have a couple hundred dollars to spend. That’s how much coffee costs at one, anyway.

I don’t drink coffee, so I usually won’t go into a coffee shop.

Coffee houses are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated, in my opinion. I can make my own coffee for a (very small) fraction of the price you pay at a coffee house, and it’s just as good if you’re like me and keep it simple (3 sugars, 4 creamers).

Black coffee is black coffee is black coffee, whether you make it yourself for 10 cents, buy it from McD’s for a dollar, spend 3 bucks at a coffee house, or get it out of the coffee urn at work.

The fancy coffee’s, yeah, I can see going to a coffee house for those, but I don’t go for those very much (usually just the frozen stuff every once in a while)

I used to go to coffee shops more than I do now. I think part of why I don’t go so often is because I can do the same things in a coffee shop at home with a higher comfort level. I’ll stop in and buy something that I don’t make at home, but I don’t sit around in there for hours.

Drinking coffee that cost me more that $1.50 has never failed to give me a headache. I like plain old black coffee, no flavors, and strong as you can make it.

I applied for a job at one recently… but they lost my application. So I’m kinda mad at coffee houses right now.

Oh yeah. I don’t drink coffee either.

I like Irish Cream flavor every now and then, but I’ve never actually gone to a coffee shop, since there isn’t really one in Newfoundland… unless you count Tim Hortons >_>

Ol’ Timmy’s not a coffee shop, it’s a donut shop, Spoony, though I can’t blame you for trying :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really go to coffee houses that much; and even then, it’s to buy sweets, not coffee (never drink it :P).

I like the smell off coffee beans

I hate coffee.

I hate Starbucks with it’s Coffee enterprise dominion.

I also hate Mountain Dew now.


I don’t drink coffee… and we don’t have coffee shops… I do like donuts! misses Tim Hortons :too bad;

Cappucino rocks. Coffee Rocks. I rock.
Thank you.

No. I don’t like coffee, so I don’t bother with coffeeshops

I never understood what was so interesting about coffee shops. All you do is sit there drinking coffee. I’d rather drink alcohol, like in a bar… but there’s age limits.