Ever since I downloaded SP2 for XP I haven’t been able to install codecs for media player. It downloads them, but then it blocks them. How do I get it so that I can download them and actually use them since I’m missing some codecs that I used to have and I can['t do a think about it. I’m trying to watch this one Family Guy episode that I downloaded and watched before I reformatted my computer and installed SP2, but it is missing a codec and I can’t watch it as a result.

just download the DefilerPak. Once you download it the stuff should get through SP2.

No good Merl, it still doesn’t work. It says that it can’t download it because it doesn’t recognize the publisher, but I’ve watched it before. Any other idas? Anyone?

Don’t install it through Internet Explorer: Save it, then install it through Windows Explorer.

Uninstall SP2

Yea, really. And IE while you are at it.

Actually, I thought it was possible to uninstall sp2? Id suggest it too, as I’ve heard bad things about it. To be honest though, I haven’t really got much else to say though, as I have never installed sp2 myself.

I installed it like that. This sucks that the only way to fix it is by uninstalling SP2. MS really dropped the ball with SP2. I’m all for increased security, but at least give the users a way to override some of the stuff.

Our weapons specialist, Nastasha Romaneko, would know how to difuse this situation. You can contact her by codec using the frequency 141.52.

…Oh wait, you don’t HAVE codec! HAHAHAHAHAH DON’T DIE OK >:D

Yeah, SG, thats what I thought when I first read the topic title :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t Sin make a ruling about adding snide comments like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

SP c an be uninstalled from the Add/Remove programs menu, Devillion. Shows what you know.

What the hell? I never said it couldn’t and i agreed with you.

Well, when you said you agreed with him, you said to uninstall IE along with it. IE is IIRC not possible to be uninstalled, so we (at least I did) thought you were being sarcastic.

I love you so much.

I hate you so much.