Code Geass Ep. 22

Holy Shit

Holy Shit


I mean, I knew something would happen to screw things up but… man, I felt so sorry for Lelouch O_O

I’m thinking of something now. Euphie must “Kill all Japanese”, and Suzaku must “Survive” so, what are the odds they’ll each conflict and Suzaku will end up killing her?

god damn Sunrise

all is forgiven

I’m sad now :frowning:

If anything in this thread isn’t in a spoiler tag I’m going to ban everyone because I’m waiting for gg’s releases. >:(

But Your Mom is faster. You can’t go wrong with Your Mom.

YM’s translator isn’t very good though, and messed in some parts in the previous chapter (Like somehow mixing Lamperouge and Schneizel in the Emperor’s dialogue). It’s speedsub, so it’s to be expected.

The 4st speedsub wasn’t too bad if you don’t mind intro/previews not being translated. Remember that GG still hasn’t released 21, so it’ll be a long wait.

On a lighter note: SPOILER IMAGE

I prefer quality over speed, I have enough different series I’m watching to hold me over anyway.

Someone explain to me the logic behind this. Seriously, WHY!?

Also… Orange got the Shell Bullet?

Completely awesome. I expected something awful to happen in the next few episodes after seeing 21, but I didn’t expect this extreme turn of events.