CnC:generals help anyone?

My copy of this great game will not work on windows XP and, I cant seem to find a directX 8.1 driver for the S3 savage4 integrated ghraphic card, it says “a serious technical error occured” do I need an AGP card or what? I heard of other peopl having this problem.any help will be greatly appreciated.:moogle:

Well for direct X

Cool Someone else on Rpgc actually plays the C&C games other than me!!!

I have Win XP and also have generals on it. Mine works fine though. i have an Intel 82…GL graphics card, never head a problem with it. I also have direct X 9.1 which just came out, id get it if i were you. I also have had 8.1 and 9 on my comp and it still worked.

If you get it working, tell me, im looking for ppl to play with online.