Clover Studio disbanded.

Clover Studio, developers of the Viewtiful Joe franchise, Okami, and the newly released God Hand, decided to disband today. The subsector of Capcom is scheduled to be completely dissolved by the end of March 2007.

Anyone else find this ironic? They decide to disband 2 days after releasing a game?

How bout a source, you fucking plagerist?

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How the hell am I a plagiarist? Look on Wikipedia. Don’t expect me to do this shit for you.

You always mention where you get your info from, otherwise how the fuck are we supposed to believe you?

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The story from was that Capcom will be shutting clover in March 2007, but I think I speak for everyone when I say…

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”:too bad:

Get a source, try again.

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Wow, is capcom stupid or something. The studio seems to produce nothing but hits and they close it in the name of corporate restructuring.

Maybe they just don’t want them to go rouge.

Cause their macho reputation would suffer.

I don’t see why the thread had to be locked just because there was no source. I think you guys went a bit overboard.

As for the topic, isn’t Clover the one that did Viewtiful Joe? If so, that is very sad. I love those games.

They did Okami for crying out loud! One of the best games to come out from Capcom/Clover ;_;

I don’t see how I’m a plagiarist. I didn’t copy/paste shit.

I don’t think college matters here, it’s not like he’s submitting this thread to be graded or anything.

You never know, Sohee. >.>