fkn fgt.

Hey you shut up. Not only did ClothHat figure out the Theory of Everything, but he also beat Muhammed Ali in a bare-knuckle fist-fight over a pit of lava-based shark-snakes, and stopped a train from falling off a cliff using only the little finger on his right hand. And the finger was broken at the time. More ClothHat exploits to come.

I believe the only one that really need be said is that he beat Nethack.

Clothhat once built a house out of a bigger house.

But could he defeat…
<font size=“7”>GOKU!?!?!?</font>
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ClothHat forced the cyanide capsule down Hitler’s throat and then made hot passionate love to Eva Braun, who then killed herself because she knew she would never have it so good ever again.

edit; fuck Goku, Clothhat could beat pre-Crisis Superman, Batman and the whole Green Lantern Corps, all at the same time.

ClothHat has captured every pokemon ever created, even missingno and pikablue.

Yea…he did beat NetHack. That is super cool, considering i still can’t get out of lvl 15. >_<

ClothHat moved every Zig. For Great Justice. And defeated Cobra Commander and Megatron on no less than five seperate occassions.

Because of ClothHat, South Africans can vote in free democratic elections.

You realize Goku could kill all of them just by like, fucking looking at them, right?

ClothHat’s power reading is off the scale, which is itself off an even bigger scale.

ClothHat killed them just by thinking of looking at them.

Cloth Hat cured Acne, after curing Cancer and AIDs. But not before he cured my broken heart.

Okay Pierson, what did ClothHat pay you? Speak up!

Theory of Everything = Anyone can do that.

Muhammad Ali = Parkinson sickness, no trouble there

I meant after he travelled back in time to 1966 using nothing more than two pieces of Cheese Whizz and some paper cups.

I heard CH isn’t actually a hat :open_mouth:

Clothhat once turned the entire universe into cocktail sauce, but he turned it back because there were no shrimp.