Clone Wars: Season 3?

I read in the T.V. guide that there was going to be two series after Star Wars III. One might be live action, but then there was the animated one, and I wanted to know if it meant that there would be a third season of Clone Wars, and if it was going to be a “prequel” about other battles during the Clone Wars, or if it takes off right after the movie, in which case, would they call it Clone Wars, still?

Dammit you must love insignificant anime shows;this is the third thread you made on “have you head about this?” crap XD Well anyways, yes I heard of it.But I wouldnt think you would be missing much if you missed the third season.Im not a big fan of star wars and I find that the whole movie trilogy deals with the same shit,so its boring.

Dude, I love all things anime, significant and insignifiant.

Mitsuko:He has a right to ask. And for your information, just because you (or me, or anyone else) doesn’t like a series does it means it sucks. This is all entertainment, it’s meant to be liked by some people, not all.

Zig: The info I have is that the next Clone Wars will indeed start next year and be done in CGI. Don’t know when it takes place, tho. The SW live action TV show (also coming next year) will take place between episodes 3 and 4.

Wil: I was just joking.see the face “XD” Im sorry if I offended you ziggy

It should be interesting if they made a series focused on the Expanded Universe. I’m sure some people would like to see Katarn up to mischief, or maybe some more lightsaber action around the KOTOR time frame.