Old TV theme songs.

Old TV commercials.

Too… much… nostalgia.

So much it hurts.

Oh my God… I have actually SEEN most of these shows!!!

That makes me feel so… old.


Feel free to ask me about any of them.

Oh, and thanks, Kami. Especially for the song links.

As have I.

I miss MacGyver. :bowser:

MacGyver still plays on spike tv I believe. nothing but reruns.

I only have three channals.

Watches Apple Jacks Commercial

That completely defies what the commercials for it are like now. 0-0

I <3 A-Team.

Where the hell is the capcom tv show openings? I want to see megaman, and street fighter, and darkstalkers! Nostalgia my BUTT.

Super Fighting Robot… MEGA MAN!

I’ll get you, Mega JERK!

Cut man was so lame. :confused:

Hey, watch what you say, you Blue DWEEB!

Don’t make me absorb your power! Every episode!

Now I’ve got your power!

Screw Mega Man. You can hear Mega Man in the Captain N theme if you want him so bad.


What’s this, no JEM? gasp D:

I didn’t see Voltron, so this site is flawed.

Psh, i thought you meant OLD shows…not like, my childhood shit :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping for the Green Acres or Andy Griffith theme. I love those. :smiley: