Classic Rock any one?

Hey, any one here listen to classic rock? If u do, tell me ur favorite band and other favorite bands and songs. Mine would be Queen. I have a lot of their CD’s. And yes i do know the lead singer freddie mercury was gay, well actually, no one knew he was gay until we was almost dead. He died of Aids, He confessed like 24 hours before he died. But just because he was gay doesnt mean i will stop listening to them, Its like what the Bible says,( and yes i know classic rock is of the “devil”, believe me i have heard it from my pastor a million times, but that doesnt stop me, i enjoy it and plan on listening to it for a long time.)
“Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

This thread belongs in the media board. This board is for boring crap only.

I agree, Queen is the shit.

Queen is THE shit, while the bible is just plain shit.

Ya it is. Oh and char, im sry about that whole burst out thing, i didnt know u were joking.

Ok i take that apology back, no one dises the Bible. I hope u burn in hell, and ya i know im supose to win people to the lord so they can go to heaven, but u know what, i hope u burn for all eternity.

Dude, that attitude is just not accepted here. Charle likes to push it, but he’s not malicious in his intent at all…

Charle’s just missunderstood. Like Pink. Except cuter.

I dont think God would be too happy about that attitude.

The bible is a book, its a good book, but its not the only book. Do you beleive everything in the bible?

I’m a christian and I don’t think Jesus went around screamingBURN IN HELL at people you didn’t accept him

Double yoo teee eff, alyx, questioning your faith?

like i said i prolly shouldn’t be saying burn because its a bad testimony, but u know what, u dont call the Bible crap. And i cant just stand back and let u say things about the Bible like that either. And u Dont joke about that.

Yeah what’s up with that dude

anyways, let’s talk about classic rock. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are some cool cats.

The bible’s been around what? 2000 years? more? Do you really think its word for word the same bible? It’s like a holy game of telephone.

And how dare u tALK about God, when u talk bad abou this book like that, and u prolly go aroung saying Gods name right, so u shouldnt even say God wont like that attitude.

I also enjoy some Eagles from time to time.

The Bible isn’t the be all and end all to Christianity, you know. I’m Christian and don’t really believe in the Bible.

edit: Shin is the mediator, here!

ya they are pretty cool, i like pink flyod too, my cousin said they looked stoned on their music videos. lol they kinda do.

Yeah, the eagles rock.

How bout depeche mode?