Class Schedules, everybody!

Hey, guys- it’s that time again! Post your schedules for your classes. Mine start on monday (yaaay!) when do yours start?

ENG 366 Literary Criticism
Designed to develop skills in critical thinking through interpretation and evaluation, this course will study in several theoretical contexts, drawn mainly from Modernist and Contemporary trends in critical theory. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:20-11:15 AM

EWA 300 The Living Writers Series
This course, team-taught by the Writing Arts faculty, explores the writing process from creation to publication or performance with publishing writers immersed in their chosen genre. It examines the literary, cultural, and political underpinnings necessary to the development of an aesthetic within those genres. Critical examination of original texts by the faculty. Visiting lectures. Monday, Wednesday 3:00-4:20 PM

EWA 306 Creative Writing: Fiction
The writing of fiction with emphasis on the short story. Monday 6:00-8:40 PM

EWA 307 Creative Writing: Drama
The writing of short plays and related materials. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30AM -12:25 PM

PHL 370 Metaphysics
This course investigates the nature and being of the Self, the Universe and Ultimate Reality. The course will focus on such questions as: What constitutes personal identity? What is the nature of space and time? Is there anything permanent? (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:10-10:05 AM

Happy fun times for the English Writing Arts major/Philosophy minor. :smiley:

After I finish this CRAP I only have one semester to go.

EDIT: Because it’s noteworthy, I think that I’ll also talk about my books. Yeah, I’m lazy, I know I posted this elsewhere not in RPGClassics, but I could care less.

For my fiction writing class I got Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories. It looks like it’s interesting, although I have never written flash fiction before in my life, so I anticipate this class to be a little more difficult than I thought.

For my drama writing class I got The Incident at San Bajo by Brad Korbesmeyer, my professor. Now one might think that he’s self-centered to have his own play in the class. Trust me anyway: it’s just hilarious. It’s downright awesome. It was the winnner of the 1988-89 Heideman Award. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult play for me to describe, but if you EVER get a chance to read it, then I must insist you do. I also got The Homecoming< by Harold Pinter, which I am eager to read (I’ve heard a lot of good things about Pinter), Reckless by Craig Lucas (which I know nothing about) and Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by August Wilson (which I also know nothing about).

For Metaphysics I got Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant as well as Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo by Plato. I’ve read most of the Plato dialogues in that book, but I haven’t read that PARTICULAR book by Kant. If his Metaphysics are anything like his ethics, I don’t want anything to do with them. I was assured by my professor that this is not the case, however.

For the Living Writers Series I got Sweetheart, Baby, Darling: Poems by Philip Memmer, The Voices of Hope: Poems, Stories, and Drawings by the Children of La Esperanza, Guatemala/Las voces de La Esperanza: poemas, cuentos y dibujos de los niños de La Esperanza, Guatemala translated by Carolyn Alessio, and Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World by Tracy Kidder. I don’t know a thing about any of these books, but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy reading them. Except perhaps the love poems, since I do not usually enjoy them.

Lastly, and certainly leastly, is my Literary Criticism class. I got Literary Theory by Jonathan Culler. I’m sure that I’ll like this book, because I have not yet read a book by Oxford Publishing that was not enjoyable and easy to understand. This is also the smallest non-play book that I have. Of course, the same class also has the largest book, The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends compiled by David H. Richter. It was also the most expensive book at $80. Of course, it was also the only new book. Hooray. It is seriously larger than a fucking dictionary. I bet I’m going to have to haul it around every time I go to class, too. Huzzah.

Mine started last Wednesday.

Just so you know, my schedule is mostly filler. I could’ve graduated this December if I wanted to, but I didn’t for insurance and various other reasons.

Intro German. Hm. That’s a breeze. Especially given the three years of German I’ve already had. >.>

Public speaking. There’s a little bit of work involved, but it’s all very easy.

Introduction to Horticulture. Taking it with a friend. Oh, what’s this? Another filler? Yeah…

Russian cinema. I needed one more upper level elective, and this one sounded like a pleasant one to take, especially since I’ve had the prof before.

Legal theory. I honestly consider this my only real class. It’s fine though. It’s interesting, but the prof is one of those low talkers. That makes me have to sit near the front. >:( Uh, his grading policy is sorta lax though.

Since I’m currently suspended from my college, I’m taking a bunch of general education classes at a nearby, cheap, somewhat low-reputed college. Even though I should have graduated Spring 2006.

Chemistry of Everyday Life:
An intro to Chemistry Lab course.

Spanish I:
Doesn’t need much explanation.

College Composition I:
One of those required courses that teaches you how to write essays, which I should have taken when I was a freshman(I took one as a sophomore but flunked it due to not handing in the last essay).

World History since 1500:
I just picked this one since the ones I wanted the computer system wouldn’t let me take, and I"m a history major, and I don’t want to take any upper level history courses at this school, and it was the only one that was open. Should be easy.

Public Speaking:
I really want to take this course, cause I think I might be good at it, but since it has a prerequisite I have to get a signature from the Chair Head of Communications. Strange that it has a prerequisite, since it seems such a popular course(there were over ten different classes of this)

Intro to Acting:
I was going to take this one on a whim instead of World History, but I doubt I’ll get into it. You have to be a Theatre major to take it, and I think they’re probably serious about that, since it seems like lots of people would take it just for the hell of it.

AMCULT 374 – The Sixties – Taken to meet requirements, but it should be an interesting topic.
ENGLISH 417 – Theories of Tragedy – Read a lot of tragedies, read literary criticism on those tragedies.
ENGLISH 425 – Advanced Essay Writing – Taught by a relatively famous poet.
ENGLISH 440 – Modern Poetry – Read poetry from the 20th century.
ENGLISH 483 – Great Works – Watch several performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company (at the theater), and discuss them.
ENGLISH 486 – History of Criticism – A survey of literary criticism.

HIS100 - Modern History, 1915-
HIS105 - Modern History, 1815-1914

Pure Math 30 AP
Social Studies 30 AP
Math 31 AP (Calculus)
Chemistry 30 AP

Those are all grade 12 level courses. Three subjects with a final exam worth half my final grade, and the other course (Calc) has a reportedly horrible teacher. I’m going to end up killing myself at some point.

Looking for a Job 101

End of term project is to get a job.

I’ll be a lazy bastard and copy and paste the course descriptions:

FREN 1117 (3 credits) Intermediate French I
First-year College French for those who have completed FREN 1215 or Grade 11 French in secondary school, or equivalent. Intermediate grammar, short literary selections and contemporary passages for reading and oral practice are studied. These lessons are supplemented by oral work in the Language Laboratory.

FINA 2110 (3 credits) Advanced Ceramics I
This course emphasizes creative expression with clay to enhance your artistic growth and development. Further development of wheel work and hand building skills.

FINA 2140 (3 credits) Advanced Design I
This advanced design course emphasizes the resynthesis of the design elements into both 2-D and 3-D design studies. You will study composition, abstraction, stylization and decoration in depth, and you will develop images and themes from personal observation, imagination, and exploration with a variety of media.

As you can see I am taking it very easy this semester. But I don’t think it will be relaxing time because ceramics takes up a horrendous amount of out of class time, plus learning a new language(I know a bit of French but I still have a lot to go) will require a lot of studying. I am looking forward to going back to school though, and I am really looking forward to design.

My classes start monday. I finish parasitology and whatever other bits of pathology and immunology they want us to do, then I jump into pharmacology. Then I start my PhD in January. Thank god.

What do you think you’re going to be anyway, Sin? Are you going to teach? Are you going into general practice? Or do you think you’ll specialize (gynecology nets you a LOT of money)?

LAT6425 Latin Prose Composition
GRW6905 Pausanias (Greek historian, reading in Greek)
LNW5665 Livy (Roman historian, reading in Latin)

CLA2100 The Glory that was Greece - I’m TAing. Very light duties, only have to give one lecture.
LAT1120 Beginning Latin One - I’m teaching this class. Technically, I’m TAing, but all that means is that I have to report back to the supervisor every now and then. All the grades, lessons, and so on wil be done personally.

Well, I don’t have any of those weird codes of whatever but:

Law I (Theory): The bare bones of what lawyers-to-be should probably know before even entering Law School. Since my career is as an English translator, they stuff me in here so I can get used to the lingo. Monday 8-10.

Latino American Literature: Well, it was this or Argentinean Literature which would mean ANOTHER four months of reading about Evita so… Tuesday 8-10.

English Language I: To sum it up: “Improve your writing”. I’ve had this class since the beginning of the year and I’m thankfully above the required level already. Monday 8-10 (That’s gonna be a problem), Wednesday 8-10.

English Grammar I: I still haven’t started, so I’m not sure how this is different from the above mentioned. Wednesday 10-12.

English Phonetics I: Uh-oh. I completely ace the oral parts, but I can’t transcribe into phonetic notation to save my life. At this rate, this is going to push me back a year. And by the way, fuck you Britain and your ridiculous spelling. Friday 12-14.

And I still have the finals of Introduction to Literature (AKA: Professor’s Intellectual Masturbation I) and Introduction to Language and Communication (Semiotics on Crack) pending.

It won’t be an easy read for sure. Kinda huge (~700-800p.)

Relax and enjoy it. No Al Pacino’s gonna be there. Just an intro course.

Beats head against the wall. Next thing I know someone will get a diploma by playing through Chrono Trigger. Aaargh! (=pathological envy).

I got Economics, Accounting and all that jazz.

Wait, that’s right, I don’t have any classes because I graduate on the first. Oh shit.

Mabatsekker, Engineer of Media Technology of the Future, HAS ARRIVED.

Math Extra: Basics ((I only had a short amount in Highschool…))
Physics Extra: Basics (1 course in Highschool with grade 6 out of 4-10 meant I really didn’t give a damn about physics)
Basic Algebra
Basics of Information Handling
Business English
Basics of Media Technology
Technical Finnish

That’s my first period… And after 3 days, basic math is killing me. (Thanks for the help, Taran)

Actually, Rigamorale, it’s the abridged version. I was dismayed to find that out at first, but if it was THAT big, then I’m pretty glad that it is. <_<;

I’m thinking of getting a position at a university where I’ll be able to teach and probably research 4 days a week and practice 1 day a week. There are other configurations other people in my position do also. Some do all research, some all clinic. Either is a possibility if I grow to not like either one. I’m ultimately less likely to do more clinical stuff.

However, there are some parts of medicine that are ok, like genetics, pathology and radiology where I wouldn’t have to deal with people too much. Part of the problem with some specialties is how long it would take for me to complete (I need to get a research / specialty combination) and I need to consider what kind of time it would realistically take out of my life if I wanted to do it well (ie how much I should practice) and what that specialty’s relationship with my research is.

How people practice really varies. Some do all of one or all of the other or they do what I described potentially doing or they research like 11 months out of the year and do nothing but clinic 1 month out of the year. But as I said, that depends what kind of specialty it is you’d be doing and what kind of agreement you can get into with the institution you work with/at. People that do what I would like to do, which is part time medicine, tend to pick 1 think they like in their specialty and do nothing but that. That way at least they stay good at one thing and keep their life simple. They rarely do something like general surgery or ER.

What is certain for now is I want to teach and do research and doing a bit of medicine on the side would a)get me money b) oppurtunities at specific more prestigious places c) oppurtunities for the kind of research I want to do and d)its a back up plan; the head of my program has a saying “fail at research, quadruple your income; to fail is to gain”.

Ultimately, my program let’s people do anything they want, which is something very rare in the world. I could really be anyting I want. I could be a plastic surgeon if I felt like balancing my life and schedule and putting the time into surgery to do it. I’m not too interested in gynecology though. While the idea initially crossed my mind, I thought of this: I am dealing with an aging population and thus would be dealing with a lot of older women. Also, people in the western world are not the fittest things in the world therefore I wouldn’t be dealing always with the most attractive types of women. I am not interested in observing and fondling that kind of equipment.

ES311- Personal and Professional Effectiveness
Featuring such heartwarming lecture titles such as ‘People in organisations’, ‘Motivation’ (no really) and ‘Teacher and the Law’. Not looking massively exciting right now but then again, this subject never really has been.

ES312- Individual Study
-On any part of Education I want. I wonder if ‘banning Pokemon cards’ would be a good title?

ES313- Placement
3 weeks teaching practice in a high school, if I’m still alive at the end of it (the 3 weeks in question being the last 3 weeks before Christmas) I pass. I think.

Then there’s all the Maths stuff after Christmas. I’m nearly enthusiastic, honest.

Yeah, I wouldn’t imagine gynecology would be anyone’s dream profession anyway. Dealing with disease and injury in one of the most visible forms you could possibly deal with it. Proctology is probably worse, though. The worst medical profession I could think of dealing with people would probably have to be a surgeon in a trauma ward, though. Maybe that’s just my lack of knowledge of the medical profession talking, though.

Depends entirely what you want really. Different people have different interests and surgery / ER work has appeals to some people. One of the toughest jobs imo is oncology where you deal with cancer and that really tears people up. Telling people they have a potentially lethal uncurable disease with 6 months to live is not cool, esp if their only hope is one of the worst treatments imaginable. Worse yet, pediatric oncology. Tell parents their little boy or girl has leukemia. Tell me what you think about the experience. You see, its not just about telling people bad news. Telling someone in an ER their father, brother, friend or daughter died in a crash is one thing. Telling them they will almost undoubtedly die at some time in the future can bring in feelings like despair on top of it. Another bad one is nursing because you’re everyone’s asshole.

Proctology isn’t the only place you deal with butts. You do that in a lot of different kinds of medicine for any variety of reasons. There are a lot of extremely disgusting things you can run into in a lot of different fields all I’ll spare you the details.