Class and Race selection in WoW

I’m tempted to get it but it might not be soon. But it might be. I’m just curious. What are the things to know about classes and races? I heard Warriors suck. Details would be appreciated.

Shamns are supposedly slightly unbalancing, and I’ve heard Undead Priests are awesome. Howver, I don’t play, so, I can’t really say.

Warriors don’t suck per se… you just need alot of patience, I play a Tauren warrior and i’m loving it. But going back to when I started playing, I would have probably started either a shaman or rogue.

Here’s a breakdown of the classes I am familiar with:

Warriors: Well rounded melee class. Doesn’t do as much damage as a Rogue and can’t take it as well as a Paladin, but has a pretty good balance between offence and defence. Being able to equip pretty much anything in the game is a plus.

Rogues: The heaviest melee damage dealer in the game, but very fragile. You’ll kill things very quickly, but a wrong move can easily kill you. Has some useful stealth and assassination abilities that will help you take care of larger groups of mobs.

Paladins: These guys are meat shields. They have huge HP and defense, and can soak up more damage then any other class in the game. They can also heal themselves and resurrect others. One main drawback is the lack of a “pulling” move; these guys can’t use ranged weapons.

Mages: Likely the heaviest ranged damage dealer. Very fragile, but can nuke and snare like crazy, and has access to a solid variety of utility spells (create food, teleport, etc). Once you get your talents, you can specialize in Ice, Fire or Arcane spells.

Hunters: A fun class to play, as you get an animal buddy to help you out. As a hunter, you get a wide variety of weapons and a few nifty ranged abilities. However, if someone waltzes past your animal defender and starts beating on you, you get pretty messed up.

Priests: Healer class, what else can I say? Although you can solo, your main role will be in groups.

I don’t know that much. I bought the game. I’m an Undead Warrior on the Arthas server. But I think most people use a different server.

I’m an Orc Warlock right now, they make damn good soloers, but they’re not really that important to a group. A lot of their best spells are damage over time, like I’ll cast three different variations of poison, and they all stack to cause serious damage. They’ve also got some standard direct damage spells, but I had a lot of trouble with crowd control until I started getting better bets and an area affect spell. I also just picked up a skill called soul stone, it allows you to ressurect yourself without having to spend 10 minutes walking back to your corpse, VERY nice.

And pick horde, alliance is waaaay overpopulated. (I’m horde on Lightbringer by the way :P)

Haha, you are horde on lightbringer? I’ve got an alliance on there. Night Elf priest (just wanted to try it out)

I’ve been playing Undead Mage lately on Tichondrias and I’ve started to fall in love with the horde…

While they may not be as “attractive” perse as humans or night elves, they DO get cooler looking mobs to fight at lower levels, and have access to what feels like (to me) a more fleshed out series of “home lands”.

Undead rock hardcore, imo… I didnt think this when playing my Human Paladin on Kil’Jaeden but I’ve lately come to love the ways of the Forsaken.

Betrayer >:O

Oh, and I almost forgot. Don’t be an Undead Warlock or a Night Elf Hunter. There are just way too many of those already, at least on Garona.

And if a lot of people are considering taking up alternative characters, maybe we should designate a server so we can all play together. Maybe get some form of RPGC guild going.

How do races play in all this?

Racial attributes. Orcs can gain a 25% in strenght, Trolls got a berserker ability that increase their attack speed to 25%, Undead got Will of the Forsaken that grant them immunity to fear an sleep, etc. Taurens have more HP/sta, NE can shadowmeld, Dwarfs have a search treasure ability, Humans got a bonus to spirit, and the useless perception (Detect stealth, will never work ;-;), and gnomes got a bonus of +15 to engineering and int bonus.

Beside that, the stats difference ain’t that much to give a race a distinct advantage for such class. Troll mages do as well as human and gnome mages.
There’s also that certain races cannot be of a certain class. Gnomes ain’t priests, and dwarfs are no mages. Likewise, you’ll see no shamans in the undead ranks, and no rogues with the taurens.

Undead rock hardcore

From Paladin to Undead. you sound like Arthas :stuck_out_tongue:

I play a Troll Hunter on Burning Blade, and if someone waltzes past my pet and hits me, then I’m not as screwed as you seem to believe. Wingclip, get away enough to hit Aspect of Cheetah, and I am gooone…or I can always fight back as hunters are one of the 3 classes to wield 2 weapons.

Hunter talents can make them ranged specialists, melee specialists, or actually make the 'decoy’esque pet the actual threat when the Hunter is the decoy. I play the Marksman type as I tend to party with other people so my role is actually to either pull effectively (improved scorp sting, improved concussion shot, aimed shot) or kill quickly (Lv5 Mortal Shot, lv5 Critical Shot with Rapidfire). I love the Hunter in PVP because we get all these tracking abilities meaning unless it’s a rogue who spots me first and stealths, I will ALWAYS know where you are regardless of who sees who first, unless you’re a lv30+ Hunter too and know how to manage a PVP hunter style (Aspect of Beast: Untrackable, an efficient Ninja style of movement, and knowing when to strike and when to be patient)

I could rant more I guess, but I suppose it is obvious I really like the Hunter Class. :slight_smile:

As for the original Race question. Trolls are specialist beastkillers and get +5% to all damage done to beast types. Which is why I picked em as I knew I’d spend ALOT of my time in Kalimdor (I love that place, much more than the eastern continents). They also get +5 at throwing weapons (axes, daggers, javelins, that sort of shit) which is more for warriors I suppose as all ranged Hunter abilities require a bow or a gun AFAIK. Berserking is +25% casting or attack speed when your HP hits 20% or less, and finally, teh regeneration bonus.

Orcs get Command, which boosts pet damage by 5% either as Hunter or Warlock. They get a strength bonus, Bloodfury (Activate to increase Strength by 25% but take 5% health loss every 3 seconds - lasts 20 sec - 2 min cooldown), +5 to axe skill and Hardyness (25% resistance to stun and knockout effects.)


War Stomp - active
Activate to stun opponents within 5 yards - lasts 2 sec - 2 min cooldown
Endurance - passive
Max Health increased by 5%
Cultivation - passive
15 skill bonus to Herbalism
Nature Resistance - passive
All Tauren get +10 Nature Resistance


Will of the Forsaken - active
Activate to become immune to fear, sleep, and charm effects - lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown
Cannibalize - active
Increase health regeneration by 200% while consuming a corpse - lasts 15 sec - 3 min cooldown
Underwater Breathing - passive
Underwater breath increased by 4x
Shadow Resistance - passive
All Undead get +10 Shadow Resistance


Perception - active
Activate to increase stealth detection radius by 10 yards - lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown
The Human Spirit - passive
Increase Spirit by 5%
Diplomacy - passive
10% bonus to faction point gain
Sword Specialization - passive
Humans get +5 to Sword skill
Mace Specialization - passive
Humans get +5 to Mace skill


Shadowmeld - active
Activate while immobile and out of combat to enter stealth mode - lasts until canceled - no cooldown
Quickness - passive
Dodge chance increased by 1%
Wisp Spirit - passive
Become a wisp when dead with movement speed increase of 50% (25% faster than normal ghost)
Nature Resistance - passive
All Night Elves get +10 Nature Resistance


Stoneform - active
Activate to gain immunity to poison, disease, and bleed + 5% AC bonus - lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown
Gun Specialization - passive
Dwarves get +5 to Gun Skill
Frost Resistance - passive
All Dwarves get +10 Cold Resistance
Treasure Finding - passive
Activate to see treasure chests on mini map - lasts until canceled - no cooldown


Escape Artist - active
Activate to break out of a Root or Snare effect - 1.5 sec cast - 1 min cooldown
Expansive Mind - passive
Increase Intelligence by 5%
Arcane Resistance - passive
All Gnomes get +10 Arcane Resistance
Technologist - passive
15 skill bonus to Engineering

Honestly? I doubt anything you hear here is going to be true. Warrior do NOT suck, by the way. And Zero, you should be dealing damage! You’re a hunter for christs sake. The hunter in my guild does over 200 damage a shot. Anyways. Warriors don’t suck, they tank just as well as paladins. It’s just that they don’t have this “three lives” bullshit.
But Sin, what do you care more about, PVP or PVE?

I play Night Elf Druid, and I love every second of it.

I don’t like PVP, but if I can help survive against people who would try to kill me I’m all for it.

Tell me what it is you like about the characters you guys play , what are your styles, what do you like and what do you like about your characters? Saying “I have ___ and I love it” doesn’t help me figure out if it is what I would like.

Zero’s always been a little more subtle than me in SC, whereas at my peak years ago, people said “we know exactly what you’ll do but have no clue how to stop it”. The point is that I like direct, undeniable power.You can always count on me to be jump into the middle of the fray and wreak hell. This is why I was thinking Paladin. Also, despite the slightly more fragile nature of spell casters, I was tempted by the Warlock since I LOVE having minions. If that doesn’t work, I’d test out a mage maybe, but I kinda wanna know about the other classes and races, what they have going for them. The reason I had the mage in mind was because if you know me, I love blasting shit to hell. Give me 1 super powerful spell and I’ll time it just right for maximum carnage. A blast. Like the RAAD in SC. I’ll wait and wait if I have to just for the total annihilation.

I’m not EXACTLY sure how the PVP system works, but I think as long as you remain in friendly Horde/Alliance territory, you cannot be attacked unless you choose to fight

All the classes have three talent trees similar to Diablo that allow you to customize your character somewhat. The Warlock I’m using now has Affliction (Debuffs and damage over time spells), Demonology (Pet enhancement), and Destruction (Kaboom spells). I’m currently focusing on affliction spells, but the talents don’t make that huge of a difference, and I can still use pets and destruction spells effectively.

A mage is your best bet for just plain nuking. The minions for a Warlock are nice, they also have their own talent tree, and a very large number of pet specific spells you can purchase for them. I don’t know how many defensive tricks they have compared to other classes, but I’m only at level 21 and already have a few. I can conjure healhstones to restore HP during a battle, conjure soulstones to revive myself without having to run back and find my corpse (I LOVE this), and fear can make monsters run away for a short while.

And don’t be a paladin, I think like 60% of all WOW players are paladins.

If you want to nuke people, either pick a rogue for a stealthy approach, or blast them from afar with a mage. Arcane/Fire have the best burst DPS in the game, with a skill that can put any spell into an instant. Add in the crits, and late on you could crit 1200+
The drawback? You’ll be frail, if not pathetic. You can blast someone to jeebus but it’ll drain a lot of mana. Expect a lot of cooldown, and a lots of deaths. It can be very frustrating without a good group.

Myself I went toward the ice talents. Rather that nuking anyone, I’m more looking toward crowd control and cie. Polymorph can effectivly remove a player from the field, and blizzard will slowdown a large area, while dealing a good amount of damage over time. With the right specs I’ll freeze them in track, and my crits will do 200% damage instead of 150%. When frozen, I’ll even have a good 50% crit chance. All the bonus adds on, but the beauty of it only comes at the end levels.

My opinion? Try them all. Make a dozen chars and see who’s your favorite. I only took mage to stick to my character. My style is often to jump in and smack them face, makes me wonder why I didn’t pick a melee.

While I’ll agree that warriors do not “suck” perse… They are much more difficult to be “GOOD” at than many people expected. I mean, they are the smashy slicey stabby class… right? no, they have lots of abilities (just like all other classes) that they need to use to be effective…

But the statement that they tank as well as a Paladin is laughable to me. This simply is not true. Paladins can resist damage all togather, have seals made to hold agro (or release them to gain a fuck ton of agro), can heal themselves and allies to gain even more hate… and have a significantly larger number of hitpoints and stamina than Warriors.

The simple fact of the matter is that Warriors are NOT as good at tanking as a Paladin. Sorry.

We don’t expect from the tank to heal himself, but to hold monsters and take the damage in.
Warrior got the same defense and HP rate as a Paladin. They don’t need an innate healing ability. There’s bandages. There’s potions. And above them all, there’s healers. A paladin won’t be able to keep everyone alive. Sure go ahead and smash that elite monster in the face, and heal it up. See how far your MP will last when it suddently turns its attention to the rogue or the mage (ono!). Omg I can tank and heal myself, let me run into the face of danger! But FFS I never seen a paladin yet that could hold the monsters off his teammates. Its not having 3 lifes due to healing that make a good tank, its solely the abilty to HOLD THEM OFF. And Warriors got that. They can taunt effectively and often, and have a mass taunt. Omg no heal? thats what healers are for! Start laughing, cause there no way I’m gonna take a paladin over a good ol warrior

Paladins can receive much more damage than a warrior, and there’s really no argument about that. Their auras and their healing abilities make them very hard to kill.

Warriors do have two main advantages over Paladins:

  1. They will do more damage. This is due to their weapon proficiencies.

  2. They can pull and taunt monsters. Paladins lack ranged weapons and attacks.

I would take a Paladin over a Warrior, simply because they are more durable. This is my preference though, as I believe that the classes are equal in strength and can be developed quite uniquely through talents and equipment selection