clap your hands say yeah

I just wanted to make a special announcement. Our very own deadtear donated 400 dollars to the site the other day, which is absolutely incredible. So I figured he deserved some sort of public recognition for that. Thanks a lot deadtear, that was really unexpected.

I’m still gonna ban him from the chat.

I guess, rar and stuff? Really, it was nothing, no need to amke a big deal over it.

984 you’re still an cocksmack.

$400 is a lot of money.

Does that come with a blowjob?

That’s very generous of you, deadtear =D I’m happy for all of us.

Impressive. Now, for real, Merlin is actually holding you hostage and squeezing your bank account, right?

Hey, thanks dude.

ED: Ye- I mean no, most certainly not.
Eva: rar?
SK: No prob, really.
SE: Once again, of course not RUN GO GET HELP, HE’S GONNA KILL M…

Hey, I dont work here, but thats rather cool. I’ve always wanted to do an internet donation to some community.

What will the money be used for?

Booze and porn.

Probably paying for stuff, with a slim chance of burning it to appease the Intraweb gods.

We get it all changed for pennies and then throw them at TD while he dances.

To do that, it would cost an arm and a leg…literally. Like the gas prices in San Diego.

We invest the money in companies we think will be profitable. Currently, we think this new “Betamax” technology will be the wave of the future. It, and New Coke, should provide has nigh limitless cashflow.

Look at me daddy, I made it. I’m in the entertainment business :smiley:

And here I thought he hated everyone!

Shut up peon, obviously this is just an elaborate ruse so I can get into all of you people’s trust, then backstab you for huge damage.

But that’d be fun :smiley:

Hey look, you’re over at 1,001. Dont you feel proud of yourself now GSM?

Buying peoples love is so low. ;_;

Now merlin can pay off his student loans. :stuck_out_tongue: