Civilized Discussion

Ok, since some people here often misunderstand me, I think the time has come to set a few things straight.

1- I never had the intention of godmoding in the Tower.
2- I try to keep RPing out of the Main Forum.
3- I don’t hold grudges. There was a time when I did, but not anymore.
4- I don’t want to become the most popular guy around, or anything like that, I just want to get along and be treated like a legitimate member, instead of just a jerk.
5- Some people said that I freak out when I read certain references. Well, I’m just extremely shy and I have a hyperactive conscience. As such, I’m still trying to adapt to a few things.
6- I’m not depressed, and I don’t go around saying that life sucks or anything like that. What I say at times is that the actions of some people tarnish the face of humanity.
7- A few days ago, in that thread about the harm that befell that girl, I admit that I was extremely angry, but if I had witnessed the scene I would have intervened, but without the intention to kill anyone. I know that I get carried away, but the nature of that crime was disgusting, since I consider it the lowest form of cowardice.
8- If some people here (they know who they are) agree to stop treating me like an idiot, then I can prove them that I’m not the jerk they think I am.

<img src=“”> Stop acting like an idiotic godmoding jerk, and people will stop treating you that way. Easy as that.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru_Draconis
<img src=“”> Stop acting like an idiotic godmoding jerk, and people will stop treating you that way. Easy as that.

Actually, it’s not that simple…

Stop treating people like a jerk, they will still treat you like a jerk for a long period of time afterwards.

Oh, I don’t think you’re an idiot. However, I do think you are an over-dramatic, annoying, arrogant fool, that always has to have the last word. Just take a look at your post count, and you’ve been here, what, a month or two?

Well, some people here judge me without even knowing me, and they persist in harassing me even after I try to change things. They think they’re always right, and keep their uncoopeartive attitude no matter what I do. What does that make them?

Over-dramatic? Been there, dumped that.
Arrogant? No, merely short-tempered. And so would you be if you were harassed no matter what you did.
And I don’t want to have the last word, I merely try to make things clear. I wouldn’t have to keep repeating myself if people would listen at the first time.
Annoying? Well, I get carried away, but people only complain about me. They don’t say a thing in other cases.
I never intend to be annoying.

Manus, alot of people go by first impressions. It’s in our nature too.

I gave you a chance when you were first annoying me because I thought you’d start to change if people told you about it, but you haven’t. You still take about 200 posts to put a point across that most of us could have put across in one. No-one here is anywhere near that annoying.

I do listen to your posts, but when they’re nonsensical and start spewing off random bullshit than it just annoys me to the point that I just hate you. If you started learning to try and be less loud and annoying, I might grow to start tolerating you.

Well, if I was to base myself on first impressions, I would be in all-out war against half of the people here.
And how can people know if I’m making a few adjustments if all they care about is blasting me at every turn? I’m not going to mention names, but I’m not seeing any change on their part. If you want me to change things, then maybe you should consider toning down on the hostilities.
As for excessive posting, sometimes I don’t have the time to say everything I wanted to, so I have to post again to complete what I was saying.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice how certain people seem to be hostile towards newcomers.

<img src=“”> That’s what <img src=“”> is for.

Well, it was a small lapse, but I won’t be distracted again.

OK, so I made mistakes. But at least I admit them. You, TD, seem to be more than willing to bother me. I’ve seen some of your comments, and I must say that they aren’t exactly polite. I am not an idiotic godmoding jerk. There have been a series of misunderstandings. I admit that I use too many imaginary resources, but I just wanted to add to the fun. As for the rare cases when I fried someone, that only happened because I was really furious at the way they were treating me. What happens is that I spent so much time developing fiction projects in my mind, handling all the events, all the character actions, I often forget to give other people some maneuvering space in RP threads.

<img src=“”> I don’t try to be polite. I see something, I give my opinion, and I don’t bother covering it in perfume, especially with idiotic cries for attention like this.

I don’t want attention, I just want to keep this civilized. Do I make myself clear? You don’t see me going around, insulting people who bother me.

The fact that you need to have a “civilized discussion” certainly means that you aren’t ready to change, just that you want to “announce” your change.

Go change a bit, try to hold your emotions in check (something I don’t see a lot of people do around here and would be very beneficial) and then people will go “Manus was such a jerk, but he’s okay now.”

Is that what you want people to do? You can’t erase your past here.

<img src=“”> Oh, I don’t go out of my way to insult people. I just do it when stuff like this pops up, where you are basically asking for it from those that dislike you. I have better things to do than lurk over the boards waiting for my next chance to strike. Like lurking over the chat waiting for my next chance to kick Ji :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I don’t check the ToB unless I get linked there (after which I ritually burn my mouse) or if something interesting is going on there (very rarely), so I wouldn’t know what the hell you do. All I know is that you have over 500 posts already, and I have yet to see 1 which doesn’t lower my opinion of you.

Especially the fact that he regged after we got our posts pruned and has more posts than me shows he has no life.

Iga, you used to almost never post here. Why the deluge now, anyway?

And Manus, although I still think you’re a godmoding prick, I think you’ve improved a bit.

teleports Dei back to that Swedish beach again

Well, Cala, thanks for the vote of confidence.

Now, to change things!
Look, people, let me propose this deal:
I cut the excesses and you cut the hostility, OK?

And Iga, I DO have a life, and a rather busy one, and these boards are great, because they allow me to talk to other people without getting out, which means I can spend more time studying or thinking about important things.

Also, TD, I started this thread because, as the name implies, I would like to have a civilized discussion, with explanations of everyone’s views instead of the usual mess.

I haven’t seen much at all of what you’ve posted, but I can tell you this: people won’t stop the hostility until you stop the excesses. It’s not a peace deal where both sides come to an agreement. The reason people are hostile is because of the way you act. You change your ways, and eventually (not immediately) people will change the way they think of you. There isn’t any other way to do it, not here or anywhere else.

I keep trying, but some people seem unwilling to change anything. But I intend to make a few adjustments, even if everyone else ignores them.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
I keep trying, but some people seem unwilling to change anything. But I intend to make a few adjustments, even if everyone else ignores them.

Yeah, it’s these bold statements and baseless assumptions that annoys people. You can start by adjusting this :stuck_out_tongue:

Manus, people never said they had to be nice around here. People are hostile, because basically you have to win them over and let them know that you’re not some brainless newbie (I use the term loosely).People are going to judge you by your first posts like Urkani said, and that’s your time to jump in on debates or discussions and show who you are, or your personality; what you have to bring to the table so to speak. I try to be as intelligent (and again I use that loosely in terms of myself :P) and as non arguementive as possible when it comes to people in here, I’ve only been a member since Feb 23rd and I’m getting to know a few people around here, and based on that fact, I’ve found out, not everyone is strciting their personality to what you see in these message boards. You know me Manus, I’m probably different from the message boards than I am on instant messaging (well, not all people are like that) but there are a lot of nice people around here. I don’t blame them one bit for being harsh or weary of some new guy. Just buck up and take it, and let some time pass before you call them mean :wink: The same goes for Manus guys, he’s not really the same off the message boards, he’s quite toned down and not as idiotic so to speak. But this is just my opinion and I don’t want to make trouble.