Ok, so I recently got Civilization 4 and I’m just loving it. It has been awhile since a game has made me lose track of time. I want more and I was wondering what you guys think of the Civ 4 expansion. I was also wondering if I already have Civ 4, if Civ 3 is worth getting. So?

I personally love the civilazation games. There real fun. But 4 is better than 3, if i were you i wouldnt wanna get it. But if your curious and dont mind spending 20 bucks get it.

And i never played the expansions, i heard its good though

Also consider trying Alpha Centauri. It’s not a new game anymore but it’s basically Civilisation in space.

Civ3 is probably the worst of the series, barring Call to Power. Not that thats bad, its just that the entire series is pure awesome whereas Civ3 is just kinda good. If you wanted to get something other than the expansion for 4, I have to second Alpha Centauri, though that is very hard to find these days.

The warlords expansion… its alright. If you play online the extended diplomatic options are glorious (vassal states rock so much, and open up so many new diplomatic strategies when dealing with actual humans who can gauge their strengths and weaknesses, and its fun making another person your… forced servant. If you play mostly single player, its still decent, all the new additions add to the game in some way without detracting, and they are all quite useable in the majority of mainstay strategies. Also, there are some scenarios that are apparently quite fun, but I havent played them myself yet. The only real complaint is that all the old leaders have had their traits shuffled around fullscale; very few of them are the same as before, and even then thats minor in comparison to the fact that the different civs are better balanced than ever before (stock civ4 has a noticable… tier listing developing. Not too bad, but noticable after playing a few games)

Just one more turn, and another, okay one more, just one m-HOLY SHIT IT’S FOUR AM ALREADY!?

Civilization is evil.

New PC in four weeks= time to lobotomise myself and play Civ all day. :slight_smile: Civ 3 is great, but not really worth the cash if you already have 4.

I liked 2 better than 3. I would get 4, but I"m actually busy these days(which is pretty rare in my life).

Thanks guys. I’ll probably look into Alpha Centauri then and not get Civ 3. Since I don’t play online, I’ll just skip the expansion then. Civ 4 seems like it’d be fun to play with friends, but not with strangers.