City of Heroes

Anyone playing this? How is it? I’ve heard good and bad things about it. One guy that I trust said that it is the MMORPG he’s been waiting for, but I trust you guys mroe and want your opinions.

Haven’t played it myself, but from watching a friend play it, it looks extremely customizable as far as character creation goes, but as for actual gameplay, it looks like a beat-em-up with levels.

Maybe it’ll be deeper once Villains comes out.

Supposed to get all the MMORPG staples once CoV comes out. Other than that I’ve heard nothing but almost exactly what Alice said.

I’ve been playing it a lot and Alice basically got it. Character creation is great, but the gameplay is a little shallow right now. I’m hoping this will change once CoV is released.

I’d be playing it if I knew actual RPGC people that played it :stuck_out_tongue: It seems pretty interesting, but at the moment there’s nothing to do but fighting shit (no crafting), but you get to do it in style. When the City of Villains expansion is released you’ll be able to play a villain and a crafting system of sorts will be released.

I’ve heard enough good things about it that I decided to get it, plus I the Metacritic score was pretty high so it isn’t too bad. After upgrading my graphics card I’m ready. I’m a little lost in what specifically I’m suppose to do besides level up, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. My hero is on Triumph (the first server) and is called “Captain Hero” and is a spandex wearing do-gooder, complete with smile and funny underwear. So maybe you’ll see me around on it TD. If you play regularly on another server, I wouldn’t mind changing to that one.

As soon as new computer I get, I’m getting CoH and when it comes out, CoV.

From what i have seen the game looks good,but i just wished i had a job so i could pay the monthly fee,just curious how much do you got to pay each month?

It is $15 per month and then less if you sign up for more months, like Everquests. This it is a bit much. It is both cheaper and more expensive than FF11. It is cheaper in that you can create many characters for the same price and can even get a lower price by signing up for more months, but it has a more expensive flat monthly fee.