Citizens demand more fucked-up dream threads!

Well, okay, maybe not, but I’ve got “citizens demand more ______” on the brain at the moment. Anyway, last night I had two odd dreams.

:ulty: “Night” being a relative term since you went to bed shortly after it was technically “morning.”

Shh. In one of them, Ranma Saotome somehow gets cursed by these playing cards to get turned into a girl, though it’s different from his usual situation in that he’s still normal-sized and black-haired, he’s just female now, and the curse is there because the cards are out of order, and supposedly “only a female can restore the order” or something. And then I get the curse, somehow, and the rest of the dream is about me getting confused about going into women’s dressing rooms and restrooms (I swear I am not making this up).

:no2: You’re a loonie.

Yeah I know. In the other, I’m playing Final Fantasy 2 (I’m not sure whether it was supposed to be FFO or the original NES version or WHAT), except that it occasionally had FMVs and black backgrounds all over the place, and there were Orbs out the wazoo like all the different spheres in FFX, and they’d captured a “succubus” which kept turning things into stone. There was one cutscene where it shows this rabbit and some other crittur, and then it zooms in on the succubus, which snaps and snarls and glares, and then the rabbit and the crittur are turned to stone.

I think you should listen to the frog.

Woh, dreams about ranma 1/2, weird

I had a weird dream last night. I can’t remember the exact details, but I know it involved Rincewind from Discworld, several knockoffs of popular superheroes, sharks, and a bigass spacecraft. I THINK the plot was that something I can’t recall was happening and a bunch of people were fleeing into space. They DID actually get off into space, and several things happened abord the ship, none of which I can recall.

The WEIRD thing is, I do not think this is the first time I had this dream.

I’m starting to actually remember vague images of my dreams now, which must be a good sign.

Last night I had one which had something to do with skittles that had human heads at the top, as like part of them. Then I turn round and I’m like on a pier with my girlfriend eating chinese food while sitting on the wooden railings. I have NO idea what was going on.

YAY! Someone else who has dreams about Ranma 1/2!!!

And on top of that, this morning I had a dream where I was in high school, in the lunchroom, and I was putting too much of each item on the tray … and I kept ending up with a different tray, and I had to get my old one back. And someone had resigned, so we couldn’t have sesame seed-covered breadsticks. Also, Quentin Tarantino was involved somehow; I decided, after waking up, that he must have directed my dream, on the basis that it makes as much sense as anything else he’s come up with.

Quenton Tarentino isn’t really all that hard to understand or nonsensical- especially “Reservoir Dogs.” Go watch a David Lynch film.

Well, I meant logistically, given that my sole experience with QT is with Kill Bill vol.1 (An eight-year-old girl just standing there after her mom’s gotten stabbed to death in front of her? O-Ren hiring an army, despite the fact that, to stand a chance against O-Ren herself, someone would have to be able to singlehandedly defeat said army?).