Cid's Farewell

Yes I know that he’s not really leaving us, But i still think that we should have a send off for him.

You will be missed Cid.

Heh, I did that already, and he told me not to go off on weepy diatribes. laughs Just like Cid, he is. 8)

See ya around, Cid.

Ah yes I received the legendary shrine email from Hiyruu today.

And much hard work was done. lights a candle in respect

Yeah, I’m still going to be here. :sunglasses: Saying farewell isn’t only stupidly emotional, it’s also false. 8p

Cid’s still going to be around… its just now he’s hiring a legion of underlings to do his bidding for him. Speaking of, I’m typing up an application for maintenance right now.

By the was Cid worked, I always suspected him to be either a slave trader with thousands of underlings at his service or a slave himself.

Whatever the case might be, farewell, even though you’re not leaving.



Wait…You’re not leaving:moogle:

Question: Do the people who work on the FFC get modship on the FFC Board?

Cid deserves not a farewell, but rather, a big THANK YOU for ALL the work he’s done for us. And I must personally thank him for having led me (thru the FFC links) to RPGC, which has become a part of my life.

Thank you. And good luck with your life.

I will probably give modship to one of the people I accept, simply because I’m sick of the job. 8p

I don’t know Cid that well… I still new to these boards… Buh bye Cid~ … See ya 'round!

Well cya Cid, I guess. FFC has always helped me, and will always help me, so I want to thank you for that. So… thanks.

Y’know what? If we started a rumor that Cid was leaving because he’s sick and dieing, people would buy it. In fact, I have something of a suspicion that someone might glance through this thread, see this post, and get the wrong idea.

Whelp, that’s my contribution. I’d say “bye,” but I’ve been told not to 'cause it’s pointless, so I won’t.

well, good luck with your “retirement”, or however you like to put it, man :wink: :cool:

I shouldn’t dare ask this but:

Cid, are you still going to be working on the Star Ocean translation with DarkForce?

Anyway, take care of your stuff first, then return to bask in or insanity :hahaha; .

Yes, I am. :sunglasses: But I’ve already done most of the work I can do there.

Cid’s not gone.

He is always watching us. Always…

Well good luck, even if you’re not really LEAVING leaving, just “leaving”.

…or something. :thud:

Sounds like Cid is one great dude. Whether he is leaving or not doesnt matter. What matters is what he did when he was here. Remember those thing and you will never forget the person.

Uh… Yeah… He’s not leaving, just working much less.