Church of Fools

Before you criticize me for the title of the thread, go here.

The 3D part of the site is both tragical and hillarious at the same time.

Um … which part of the site?

Click “enter church” on the left hand side.

Pretty neat thing they have there. It’s like the Sims meets Christianity.

You mean they haven’t covered religion in one of their hundred expansion packs?

Hawrgrlmlgmlbrmlll. goes to update shockwave flash

Freaky and silly.
They need to include torches. So you can torch things; like Christians!

Winter is God’s way of telling us to burn more Catholics.

Ahh, crap; you can’t walk up on the pulpit.

Well, why would they torch the church, since it is the only place you can go?

<I said so!>

Are there any minigames? Like… find the secret passageway, or confess the most sins in 1 minute? ;p

They don’t mention anything about it, Astral, but go get the most recent issues of Newsweek. In one of them they showed a pic of two priests blesing a woman who was kneeling. Maybe they do have some games here and there.

By the way, has anyone got into the crypts? I expected some spooky crypt like the one where the Crypt Keeper lives but instead there was a lounge with coke machines and plaques asking for money that would be used to “fix the old pixels of the church roof”.