Chrono Trigger: Resurrection

Somehow I’m a bit sceptical about this, but at least the screenshots are looking rather good.

Click me if you dare

As big of a CT fan as I am, I, too am a bit skeptical. The screenshots DO look pretty nice, but I don’t know if this can work…don’t know if CT was meant for stuff like this. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

The music sounds good, too.

Quite a lot of effort for a hoax if it is one, and probably a copyright violation too.

If they pull through, they’ll probably be worshipped.

If they pull through I’m buying them a pizza.

And check on the remixed music in the media section. This guy really knows what he’s doing.

Well, the graphics look nice, very nice. But Theres just something magical about the original SNES graphics. Something not recreated by the new graphics.

But hearing the Zeal music sounds great. Gotta hear the others.

Why would they have concept art if they didn’t invent the characters?

Call me old fashioned, I dont really feel the CT vibe with this :\ I hope I’m wrong. I dunno, some things should be just left as they are…

General character design, it IS making huge 3d models out of 25 pixel sprites :stuck_out_tongue:

On that note, Crono must’ve really hit the Hyper Dishes. Jesus, he looks fat.

Ah, well, interesting, I suppose. But even if they don’t make it, they’re not the only ones trying, you know. There’s another remake project long in the works for CT, so I guess this is going to give those guys a bit of competition. The only problem for this seems to be that it is overly ambitious. From what I gathered, they’re making an engine from scratch… seems somewhat difficult, if you ask me. Secondly, I’m sceptical on the form of battle system they’re going to use. I couldn’t see anywhere what type they intend to implement.
You see, the CTR project (as the other one is called) is using a mod of the UT2003 engine. In the end I think they plan to use an active battle system where there is a spinning wheel on the display and, if the attack is done at the correct moment, there is a bonus to the attack and it becomes more powerful. That sort of thing.
Now, admittedly, the screenshots for this Resurrection project look very nice and colorful and such, but it may be a little too difficult to pull off. I don’t know…I think the other CTR project is going about it a little better by using an existing engine. They’ve already got half a dozen models pretty well done (Magus, Frog, Gato, Johnny, Lavos, and a mostly finished Robo, I think). Only in the music do the Resurrection guys seem to have the CTR guys beat.
Here, take a look at CTR project site:
(I really wonder how they go such a good url)

I checked out the forums and they say that they will only do 10 of the your favorite scenes of the game. I sounds pretty cool but I wish they could make the whole game. But there is only like 5 or 6 people working on this so it would take way too long for us to be waiting for the whole thing. Overall I say this is probaly gonna work and :yipee: I can not wait. This is like my fav game.

Very cool… but I don’t see anything that resembles an RPG or gameplay yet, so I’m a little curious as to how that will play out. I also want to see how Dalton will be rendered in glorious 3D!

While I admit that Chrono’s face looks a little pudgy, it is really well done. Its obvious that whoever drew and designed these for CT:Res that they relied a bit on Toriyama’s DBZ characters due to the lack of materials available for CT, though I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. I would love to play a 3D remake, esp one that makes DW7 (ironically) look bad. I think the sceens from Res > Remake Project, though we haven’t really seen much up to now. The styles to each remake would be different. When I look at remake’s screens, I think EQ/other pc rpgs. They try to make it look realist because of a variety of things like technological limitations, it looks awkward, it sticks out too much. I’m not sure how to say it, it doesn’t blend into the envrionment very well. I like the slightly more cartoonish look of Res. If anything, that’s what the game would’ve looked like had it been designed by Square since , if you consider the effect Toriyama had on DQ7-8, I suspect a similar effect on CT. Like Dalton, it’ll be good to see other gameplay components. I think that’ll be the real challenge these people will face; how to redo the spells three dimensionally, if they’ll be playing with camera angles, how the character combat dynamics will work.

I once had the FMV intro of CT on PSX, the Crono did look a bit chubby too. A freind said had i got DBZ, whilst I was checking out.

Big Nutter
I don’t whatch DBZ.

puts corridors of time on repeat That makes the second song I like from the chrono series. Must play this game sometime, yes am way beyond the times ;p

Looks cool.
But they’ll be sued before they can say ‘Square-Enix’.

They also said in the forums tha it they though it wasnt illeagal because it wasnt the full game, and they werent selling it they were offering it free. But personally I would check up on that.

It is a copyright violation.
Unless they make it a parody. Those are excepted from copyright legislation.

I believe its covered under “fair use” policy. I think as long as they don’t box it up and sell it they’ll be alright.

It looks nice from what I saw on that website… I liked the SNES version a lot. But, who knows… it might be bad, or it might be good… we’ll just have to wait and see.