Chrono Trigger and ZSNES 1.50

I’m playing a bit of CT on the new ZSNES. Every time text shows up during a battle, the entire screen blinks - it’s very annoying. Are there any options I should fiddle with in the emulator to stop it from happening?

That’s funny, it doesnt happen to me in ZSNES. But then again, I use 1.42. That’s really strange, you should send an email to the ZSNES guys reporting this fact so they might find a way to fix it.

Okay, I’m curious. I don’t use ZSNES, I use SNES9XW. What exactly makes ZSNES so much mroe popular than what I have? I’m curious, really.

Back in the day, ZSNES passed SNES9X and I guess it stuck. I don’t know if SNES9X ever caught up or fixed its issues that made it unpleasant to use. For one, I really didn’t like its interface.

What Ren mentionned was my gut response: use an older build. The ZSNES builds have been good for a long time and might therefore be able to run CT correctly.