Chrono Cross

I got turned into Lynx recently and I’m aboard the SS Zelbess. I did all the Fargo crap, got the Fiddler Crab, but now I want to save Marbule. Since it’s been ages since I played, I can’t remember what triggers the concert. I spoke to Nikki in his dressing room, had Irenes join me, and it said for me to try and get her to convince Fargo to sail the ship to marbule. He declined and well now I’m stuck.

What do I do to move the event forward? Do I go to the Dead Sea instead and come back later? Do I talk to someone? Do I have to have Nikki recruited in Another World to see the scene?(I didn’t) I believe I have to wait…but I can’t remember. Can anyone refresh my memory? Guides are too complex and vague and I’ve looked through 4 of them so far.

The concert is part of the six Dragons quest. So yeah, you need to do the Dead Sea first. You need to take Fargo to himself to trigger the scene.

We do have a shrine for a reason, you know. 8p

I know that, and I looked there, but I didn’t know what walktrhough text it would fall under and my eyes couldn’t handle all that scrolling. I actually did read it in the shrine a bit after I posted this, by guessing where it would be under (Black Dragon: Rockin’! Silly me) So thanks.

I cant deafeat Garai, can anyone help?

Use Black Elements as much as possible, and get Green and Blue healing elements rather than White ones. Make sure your other two characters are NOT Black Element (i.e. no Harle) and that they have the Revives equipped, in case Lynx bites it.

My favourite tactic for ANY boss fight is to equip a bunch of Strengthen and EagleEye Elements. Increase your attack power, and then assure you hit with EagleEye. This should help you do more damage to him in less time. And like Cid said, don’t let the field go white; use green or blue healing Elements (there are some really good ones)

Yeah he’s a bit hard to beat. I beat him…before going into the Sea of Eden is it? He can still hit the Black Elements pretty hard to make them go down, so. Use any magic in your power to take him out. Anything. It will be a long battle.