Chrono Cross question

I’m going for an all-out everything save file from the beginning (99 of every material, equipment, element and item via the item-duplication trick), and I just have one question about Sprigg and her L5 Tech.

Does monster gender affect the stats or anything on the monsters that Sprigg can become? Like, say for example she defeats a female TerraTerror. Is it any different from a male TerraTerror?

Do the same monster types actually have different genders? O_o I thought every monster was either male or female (can’t imagine a female LavaBoy, for instance).

Certain monsters do have certain genders (one of the OpahFish encounters in Lizard Rock has a male and female Sandsquirt), but I really don’t know if that means anything. Maybe it’s a very small statistical difference when battling certain characters on your team, like the zodiac sign stuff in FF Tactics.

Thanks though. Maybe I’ll try and figure this out. 8)

I never noticed this…I highly doubt it means anything important. :slight_smile:

Wait - Spriggs a girl?

Yes, a 200 something old goblin lady. 8)

Sorry for going off topic, but at the end of disc 1, does it prompt you to save before switching?

No, it doesn’t. You’re EmPleh, aren’t you? 8)

PS: Just found a female Lava-Boy.

Nope. I use the PSX Change boot disc, and as you know it handles multi disc games very very poorly.

theres an item duplication code?

how do you do it? :moogle:

Step 1: Successfully complete the game, but keep a file that you
can complete the game from (this must not be a Continue+

Step 2: Save your progress from completing the game to a separate
file and Continue+ the file near the end.

Step 3: Complete the game with the Continue+ file,
but make absolutely certain you still have the file near the end.

Step 4: Save the Continue+ data over the old data
that let you restart your game and repeat steps 2 to 4 as needed.
If done correctly, you will have twice the amount of everything
in your inventory, including your elements, weapons, (basically
everything except your key items).

wow that a neat trick.

i wish my playstation would let me play chrono cross so i could get that far. :moogle: