Chrono Cross Question

As anyone got Pip’s Lv7 Tech?

I have restarted the game two times and never got it. I always
changed him into a Holy Beast, but I never got it.

Anybody got it, and how?


Forget I posted anything; I didn’t mean to cause any damage.

Don’t listen to Dalton. He’s obviously a traitor and cares not for RPGClassics at all (The mere thought of linking to a rival site when the same information can be found here is absolutely unforgivable!). He also seems not to care for GameFAQs, as he’s violating their cardinal rule by linking directly to a .txt file there! He’s clearly hell-bent on destroying every internet gaming site for his own selfish purposes. For shame!

Anyway, click <a href=“” target=“blank”>here</a> instead. This’ll learn ya about Pip.