Chrono Cross: Did I miss a scene?

I doubt it, since I’ve played it five times, but I just wanted to be sure.

In the Character Profile for Harle in the Shrine, Cid says that she looks a lot like Kidd under her makeup… except that I’ve never seen her without the makeup. Does anybody know anything about this?

Also, there are two pics of a younger version of Kidd and Lynx which seem to have been erased from the game. I know that you can make Kidd put on her orphanage suit on the Programmer’s Ending (Although I never talked to her when I do this, so I’m not sure if the mugshot shows up or not) but I never heard anything about Lynx.

The only thing I remember about Lynx is when we see him as him being a panther, and not the biped panther-thing that you see in the game. You see him on the beach as when he kills the fake serge on the beach.

[SPOILER]That was just a random panther, actually, FATE transformed Wazuki to match that panther because Serge was afraid of it. And it didn’t kill him, it just poisoned him, Serge died four years later on 1010 AC, drowned on Opassa Beach.

Also according to what Crono says at the end, Home World is the dimension that diverged from the original timeline, meaning that the “Real” Serge from was the one that drowned in Another.[/SPOILER]

I remember reading somewhere that since Schala cloned herself, she cloned the good and evil part of her brain, which represented Kid and Harlequin, which would account for the reason why they make look alike. I forget how that works because Harle is the 7th dragon so i dunno how that fits into it, or if the fact that Schala cloned her evil half is even true. How old is Kid? I know Harlequin is 18…

To hell with spoiler tags, if you still are reading this it’s your own fault.

According to the profiles on the game, Kidd is 16 and Harle is supposed to be 18. However, she only has the body of a 18 year old when in reality she is only fourteen (She was created during the storm that paralyzed Chronopolis in 1006 AC. Same time Serge got bitten by the panther).

Harle was created by the Dragons with the purpose of freeing them. I originally thought that Harle was the part of Schala that was possesed by Lavos, but after seeing Kidd free the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis, It seemed that Kidd herself had a good and a bad side. Harle doesn’t seem to be connected to Kidd or Schala except for her looks.

What I’m asking here is if there is any moment in the game were she is seen without the facial, or at least an official image from Square.

I don’t believe so, but try looking closely, their features resemble each other. You have to use your imagination though, because it isn’t really set in stone.

No, you never see Harle without her makeup. I was saying that if you imagined her without makeup, it would look similar to Kid.

Thanks, I just got confused because you say that:

Under that makeup, by the way, she looks surprisingly like her arch-rival, Kid.

And I guess that nobody has any idea what the young Kidd and Lynx mugshots are about…

Nope. They seem to never be used in the game.