Christopher Titus

Wow, he is really cool. I went with a date to see him live, and he is really cool. He so down to earth and nice. I saw his show “Love is evoL” and it was very nice. He signed a shirt and CD my date and I bought and took a picture with us. The show was great, but meeting him afterward like that was the icing on the cake. He’s a funny guy and pretty big name, and it was just great seeing him in person and what he is like.

He’s funny, but then he has his preachy moments. I wish comics wouldn’t get preachy.

I remember his shortlived TV series from years back. I enjoyed it enough to think it didn’t deserve to be canned when it did. If his comedy is still in the same style as the show was I wouldn’t mind seeing him perform.

It is sort of like the show. It still has a lot about his crazy family. The ending of the show is nice and sweet though (very nice for a first date thing).

I remember the “Titus” tv show. wish I didn’t. I thought it was horribly unfunny and boring. :confused: