Christmas time is here...

…and you know what that means! (No, not that.)

It means giving and receiving presents!

So what are you all hoping to find (if anything) under the tree this year?

CDs, specifically Ministry’s - Land of Rape and Honey, the Misfits Box Set or Possessed’s - Seven Churches. I highly doubt I’ll get any of these. I might have better luck with a gift card to Best Buy. My family knows to get me music at least.

Wow!!! Those albums are fucking awesome, I have those myself. Excellent taste! Especially Possessed, holy shit man, that band rules. I need to pick up their second album.

I’m not expecting much besides FFVA and FFXII, which I asked for.

I’m not hoping for much. A new set of head phones would be nice, and I’ve had “a new wallet” up on the list for a few years running now - the old one’s more duct tape than material at the moment. Quite honestly, here at grad school I already have all the material possessions I need, and certainly more than I have time to use. A Wii is too expensive to ask for, but my mother in particular always seems to think we children each require a “big gift” each year, and that we’ll be offended if someone gets something a little more expensive than someone else (which certainly isn’t the case). This is precisely the reason why no one ever bothers to get me a wallet - it seems too minor! Oh, pants would be nice, and a few button down shirts. I need to leak authority like a russian nuclear plant when I’m in front of a class.

Money. I want money because I intend to travel to Germany, so I could use some cash. 'Course I won’t get any, but there’s always a little hope. :slight_smile:

  • Good set of earphones for my 'pod (plugs just aren’t doing it for me anymore)
  • Passing grade for math and physics
  • A few well-thought movies
  • A new set of copic markers
  • <strike>Nekkid Lesbian catgirls who are always willing to try something new ^.~</strike> Socks. Lots of them.
  • A new set of headlights for the Ashurah since the long lights are kinda busted.
    (If possible, my play-asia orders in time!)

Well I may have an early Christmas present, and that is to see In Flames live in Toronto. But if not I may also get a memory stick, FFV, band T-shirts. Also a good pair of earbuds for my Mp3.

Just so you know: the Misfit’s box set is great, don’t get me wrong, but there are a LOT of repetitions (including about five versions of “Where Eagles Dare”), but they are “new” versions you haven’t heard before. The first version of “She” and “Cough/Cool” on disc three are especially interesting- see what direction the Misfits didn’t take.

But what am I really hoping for? I’ll tell you: a Wii. That’s all I really want.

Legos. A fuckton of legos. It’s a tradition by this point. One I heartily encourage.

That aside, I actually have a decent list this year:

Rent, the motion Picture.
The soundtrack to the above movie/musical.
POSSIBLY FFXII, I’m on the fence on that.
Money. DOesn’t matterhow much, I’ll take it.
The official soundtrack to Wild ARMs Alter Code: F. TOTALLY worth the price, I say.
A new monitor. A lawn gnome fell on my current one, so it’s a little… wonky, let’s say.

I’ll be giving copies of Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures to my friends and family in the medical field. The rest I havne’t shopped for yet.

For myself, I haven’t asked for anything since grade 9, probably. But I’d like a good pair of headphones (ear or bud doesn’t matter), a new pair of winter boots and some sweaters/sweatshirts.

A jian blade. It’s also known as tai-chi sword. I want mine metallic (with no edge, I don’t want to hurt anyone) and non-collapsible.

A wii and a game. coughzeldacough. Or two, might get smash bros. as well. >>


I’m hoping to not find fleece sweaters. I don’t have to worry about under the tree so much as from extended relatives. I got 5 last year. I don’t have any more room in my dresser for clothes. Other than that, I don’t much care. Maybe some CDs.

Clothes of all kinds, really. I have no shortage of shirts, but I’m desperately short in the pants department, and my only sweater is showing its age.

Now, if somehow the fortune gods should smile upon me, and shine forth their radient sunshine from the heavens like a gentle rain, I’d love a few bucks to go towards the “Get d Galloway an Xbox 360” fund, but since my brother’s getting a Wii, I doubt that’s going to happen.

Disgaea 2, and I guess that’s all I really want. I’d much rather money to buy some books or CDs.

Guitar Hero, some CD’s, clothes, maybe some movies.

I already got my present, three hundred argentinean pesos from my mother to couple with what I’ve been saving and FINALLY buy a decent computer… well, no peripherics or anything, but I’m getting a pretty good machine for about 450USD.

Of course, I can’t expect any more presents from her for a very long time, but it’s not like I ever ask for anything beyond food and housing anyway.

If Santa can find a better postman-associate so that my (many) books survive the trip, I want them books. And a trinket. I love trinkets.

I also love giving trinkets. I gift those between Birthdays/Name Days/holidays, so as not to [STRIKE]get beaten[/STRIKE] impose my habbit. I also complete the music collections of people (heh, not with Overkill). Or do one-off gifts. As long as the pleasure from getting the gift supercedes the monetary loss, everything’s ok. If it doesn’t, money is probably the least problem.

Did I mention our lovely postman… ah. Nevermind. Ooooh holy niiiight

Chocolate. :smiley:

But other than that, I have no idea and I’m pretty sure the people who’ll give me stuff have no idea either (yet). :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably nothing. I’m content with what I have.