Christmas is cancelled

<a href=“”>Or at least E3 is</a>.

Honestly, I’m not too saddened. Actually being able to hear about news throughout the year, and not having to DIG for non-top tier news would be a nice change of pace.

Or maybe they’ll throw together a new show sometime, without all the E3 bullshit.

Meh, no big deal there. We still get info about games and stuff, just not all at once.

E3 has always been something fun to watch though (Massive damage)

Yeah, I’m actually kinda relieved. Often the news that I’d really get excited about gets buried away in all the hype and I end up hearing about it a couple months later, since everyone was too busy telling me about how Snake is in Brawl (not that that isn’t awesome, Im excited for that, but its an example of something that was so awesome I miss all the OTHER awesome for the next couple months).

Lies and damn lies.

Hah. De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt …