Christmas fic time...early, once again

Yep, it’s that time of year. Once again, it’s open for anyone to join. Just fill out the standard bio, and it’s set:

Who would win in an all-out deathmatch: Santa Claus or Satan?

Oh, and as for the plot…I’m not telling much. Don’t worry; it doesn’t involve Silent Hill or people turning into kids. I WILL be insulting the handful of groups I haven’t pissed off yet, but hey, it’s a Galloway fanfic. What else did you expect?

Name: GG Crono.
Age: 18 as far as he knows.
Height: 6’0"
Bio: See one of the previous things I’ve signed up for. If any additional information is needed, do not hesitate to ask.
Who would win in an all-out deathmatch: Santa. Just beacause anyone who tries to take down Christmas indubitably gets thwarted. Not even Satan is immune to this rule.

Name: Introduces himself as Beckons, which usually leads to him being called Beck, or Becks, both of which piss him off. He wouldn’t object to being called B.
Age: 16/17 (He isn’t entirely sure)
Height: 6’1"
Bio: When he was young, he was taken by the government of your choice, who performed various experiments including, but not limited to, injecting him with various chemicals to see what’d happen. What happened was he gained speed and endurance and, after a while, strength. He eventually escaped after using shadow magic, CT style. He doesn’t speak much, but what he does is always, and I mean always sarcastic. He never speaks otherwise. He has shoulder lenght dark brown hair and sideburns. Because of the experiments, despite his massive eating problem he only weighs in at 9 stone. He wears shadow type clothing, with a hood in place of the shroud. He wields a katana daito (long version) and another called a wakizashi, which is slightly shorter.
Deathmatch: Points at GG. What he said.

Name: Kyle.
Age: 11. I think.
Height: 2’5.
Bio: He was bought up to be a snob and kept that way. He was just a normal person who had a short temper and was quiet.
He looks normal but hates it when he is bossed around as he believe he is far greater and cleverer then any other people. He also thinks he is a powerful god. He is just normal.
Satan would win as evil wins apart from in fiction and rpgs.

No kids? Promise? eyes galloway suspiciously I’ll take bets on being turned into a garden gnome this time, then. You don’t need my stats by now, do ya? :slight_smile:

Oh, and Santa would win. I have proof.

Gallo: Just so you know, I’m doing my RPGC Xmas story this year as well. But, as usual, mine will be more “serious” so there’s room for both, and I’ll make sure the stories aren’t similar. I’ll be posting the join thread in November.

Meanwhile, feel free to use me in your story (I’m hoping you’ll participate in mine, too.)

Name: Wilfredo Martinez, aka WM or Wil
Age: Indeterminate, looks adult
Height: average
Bio: An experienced interdimensional adventurer who joined RPGC and is looked up to for his wisdom.
Who would win in an all-out deathmatch: Santa Claus or Satan? Santa. Satan can’t do a thing on Earth, other than influence people into being evil (I know cuz I was raised Catholic.) And Santa is pretty much immune to that, he even gets people to be nice.

INSIDE HELL, well, it might be a different story… :hahaha;

Edit: BWA HA HAA!! Weii, I actually saw those movies as a kid! And I LOVED them! Haw haw!!

Am I the only one who thinks satan would win?

Name: Max C. Paganus. Or Mabatsekker, the Blue Mage wielding Superhero.

Age: 18. 19 on 22nd Dec.

Height: 170cm, 185 as Mabatsekker (Hey, it’s the 'do!)

Bio: After gaining the awesome powers of a Blue Mage for Earth Realm, Mabatsekker became a super hero. He usually has most of his jobs in Finland, but join Team RPGClassics whenever needed. Read Wil’s first story for a proper ‘origin’

December’s a tough cookie as he has to ditch his superhero job so he can earn some desperately needed cash to buy a christmas present for a special someone!

Who would win in an all-out deathmatch: Joulupukki! … I mean, Santa Claus. He lives here, dangit! Insert Minsc-like raving about goodness and rangers and hamsters after reading Kyle’s comment


Name: Kiro Kokori
Age: 11
Height: 5 foot 2 inches
Bio: Deep Breath Is a Dangerously Hyper Cat Girl With a Bazooka That Has A Split Personality Of Rikku.
Winner: Santi Clause!

Name: Pierson
Age: 19
Height: 6"
Bio: Awesome to the power of N+1
Who would win in an all-out deathmatch: Satan. He’s Satan fer chrissake.

Yeah, but Satan’s trapped in a big lake of ice, while Santa has the manueverablility of a reindeer drawn sleigh. Sleigh>All.

I figure you should know me well enough by now that I don’t have to bother with this damned bio, eh, d?

As to who would win: Trick question, they COULDN’T fight, since they’re one and the same. …What, no one else ever saw that particular “Church Lady” skit on SNL?

Name: Heaven’s Soldier (or just HS)
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 7"
Bio: HS has never been one to put up with much, if ya tick him off he’ll let ya know. And anyone who REALLY pisses him off (usually by insulting a member of his family, or attacking a girl), usually finds themselves facing down his twin silver, and gold, katanas. Doesn’t have many close friends in RPGC, but has many acquaintances, who look up to his sword skils.
As for who would win: I gotta say Santa. Just because.

I saw that skit. God, that was hilarious.

I didn’t! :smiley:

Name: Yaridovich Halvorsen Thompson-Stryfe-Gainsborough Donatello Leonard Raphael Michelangelo Farlington Anderson-Smith Jean-Luc Jones Solo Pepper Tibloxley Amelia Fayette-Mahoney Kierkegaard Brian Gesselschaft Williamtonshireworth Melora Kramer.
Age: 19
Height: 6’2"
Bio: Easygoing wiseguy. Likes ice cream. For further info, see Super Adventure Yar. … which I will update once I get my hands on sprites of the three Oh My Goddesses.

Name: responds to “demi”
Age: old enough
Height: 5’12"
Bio: Tired of being ogled as a hideous freak everywhere he goes, demi took to avoiding people as much as possible and where’s an old brown cloak when not in the privacy of his domicile. Spends his free time gardening.
Winner: If Santa were real, he would win.

Name: Shalcar Lordslayer
Age: 21
Height: 185cm
Bio: Shalcar is one of the rare few RPGC’ers whom specialise in the healing and protective spheres of magic. Having spent all his life training to be a cleric, he is very proficient with his war-hammer and is rarely seen without his friends, whom he holds very dearly. While he never carries weapons or amour unless preparing for war, in those times he wears a breastplate enchanted with powerful protective magics. Regardless of his other attire, he always wears a long flowing clerical robe, to assist in his identification. A staunch believer in the “glory days”, he can often be heard to bemoan the lack of “heroes” that he fought alongside in the other RPGC adventures, pining for days of old. He is doesnt like direct confrontation and prefers to use wordcraft and sophistry to pine his way out of (and into!) trouble.
Who would win in an all-out deathmatch: Santa Claus, go figure!

Name: Korey Nagumo
Bio: He was born in America but when a friend took him on a trip to South Korea he was kidnaped by some of Kim Jong Il’s men and taken to North Korea. Later he defected and is now a man devoted towards Communism and is part of Kim Jong Il’s Secret Police. He gives new a meaning to the words proud and skillful when he wears his North Korean Uniform. Because of his trainning he has above average skill with conducting raids, using guns, and spying.

Who would win in an all-out deathmatch? I don’t know but my money would be on Satan.

More satan people yay.