Christmas fic signup...yeah, I KNOW it's early...

Okay, folks, take a good look at my fics on the board. See how long it takes to finish one? Okay, that’s why I’m gettiing started on my Christmas fic ahead of schedule; I want to see it done by Christmas. Unlike the FF Break Room Christmas, which was thrown together during a brain spaz one rainy afternoon, this fic’s going to be much more…well, at least longer.

The story: Santa’s evil twin half-brother has taken over the North Pole, and is upset with how the fat guy’s handling the naughty children. Meanwhile, Galloway goes to an abandoned hotel as a holiday caretaker, simply because he wants to be in a place with SNOW, and has never seen The Shining all the way through. Some RPGC people begrudgingly go with him, instead of staying for Sin’s evil plans. However, the evil Santa seeks to gain revenge on the naughtiest people of all: the RPGC people!

The signup works like this:

Name (Your name)
Age (Your age)
Bio (A bio of yourself)
What you Want (What you want for christmas- and no sentimental crap, make it REAL things!)
Naughty Age (What the naughtiest thing you did as a child was, and how old you were when you did it. Make up something if you have to)

Once again, I apologize for the earliness of this, but it just has to be done.

Hooyeah, I’m in, honey bunny! :slight_smile:

Name: Val
Age: Let’s say 19 in this story, physically.
Bio: You should know me well enough by now, we’re married, remember?
What I want: A decent, 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle. maybe I’d finally have a chal;lenge there.
Naughty: Hooboy, what to choose… Well, when I was four, I snuck onto a plane that was heading for Arizona. Got my mom stuck on it, too.

Why the heck not?
Hopefully I got all the evil out of my system!

Name: Shalcar
Age: 20 ish :stuck_out_tongue:
Bio: Pacifistic do-gooder. Cleric, wears robes. Always sarcastic and messing around, rarely serious. Tends to give up easily.

Wields War-Hammer, white magic. Wears a breastplate under robes, has been known to wear Full Plate on ceremonial occasions.

When pushed far enough, personality does a complete flip, becomes violent, selfish and inflicts maximum pain on EVERYONE. Also never gives up even if it means ceratin death :stuck_out_tongue:

(might flesh this out more later if you have nothing to work with) :stuck_out_tongue:

What I want: Anime DVD’s (cause I need more :P, ask TD for details!)

Im guessing accidental mess-ups dont count for this…
Naughty: Stole about 400 cans (Im not joking) from a deli at 3am from its storehouse, it was the perfect raid too! I was only 14 at the time, it wasnt my idea though!

Originally posted by Shalcar
Naughty: Stole about 400 cans (Im not joking) from a deli at 3am from its storehouse, it was the perfect raid too! I was only 14 at the time, it wasnt my idea though!

Holy mother of shit! 400 cans? How the hell’d you get away with that?

Guh, can’t do a thing like this without me, eh? But god I’m so ashamed…

Name: Weiila
Age: 21
Bio: I think you’ve gotten me down already, eh?
What you Want: DVDs of all episodes of the anime Slayers
Naughty Age: Between years 12 and oh… 16, I wrote a lot of original stories with HEAVY Mary Sue tendencies. I mean, heavy heavy. Yes, even I, my Brutus. It shant haunt the world, I assure you… eh, I think a couple of them are useful though… with some altering.


Ah, what the heck- I’m STILL doing my own. After all, our styles are so different, I don’t think anyone will get us confused. Oh, and you’re still invited to be part of mine, d. (I’m working on the details right now, and on whom I’m going to invite.)

And, yeah, you CAN use me. Just give me a part bigger than “the guy who opens the hotel door.” : )

Here’s MY info:

Name: Wilfredo Martinez AKA WM or Wil.
Age: Adult.
Bio: Puertorrican adventurer, high-level Mage. Member of RPGC. Close friend of Santa Claus (See my last Xmas fic.)
What I want for Xmas: MONEY! (I’d rather buy my own gifts.)
Naughty Age: Writing erotic stories during my early teens (this was BEFORE the Internet, mind you.) :mwahaha:

Um, not sure if you want me to do this…as I am semi new here, but promise I am staying! Thought it would be fun. :slight_smile:

Name: Ashbear (or Kristine)
Age: 31 (Eeek!)
Bio: Going to go with person who owns the inns that are always found through games! Has two kids that are always running around. Again usually found in small villages of RPGs. :hyperven: :hyperven:

Naughty age…well depends on what you want. When I was four I got mad at my mother in Las Vegas and decided to run though the casino…then had a couple gaurds chasing me! Or um, when I was 13 my friends and I would change parking tickets on cars. So the person who actually got it would never know…

Yes, there goes the ‘nice mom’ image huh?

Heh… I hope you don’t mind my constant jumping to join these… but I can’t help myself.

Name: PC Glenton
Age: 24
Bio: High tech thief with pretty much no morales and one hell of an arragant streak
What I want for Christmas: Money and riches… Hey, I ain’t no saint.
Naughty thing: … You want me to pick ONE thing out of an existance of thieving and robbing? Well, how about the time when I was seven I pushed over a little girl and took some silly looking ring off her finger… only to find out later that the girl was a well-known child star, and the ring worth a fortune. Heh… was running for days. (That is made up, BTW.)

This sounds quite interesting, so I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

Name: Angelo Dreator (Heaven’s Soldier/HS)
Age: 17
Bio: Silent, and quite inteligent. Can’t stand it when larger/stronger push smaller/weaker people about. Will fight until the end, when the cause is right.
What I Want for Christmas: Either a motorbike or a set of pristine Japanese swords.
Naughty Years: Well when I was about 13, me and a few of my friends had a run in with the police, after knocking out a plain cloths police office. What can I say the officer was asking for it, trust me. (BTW, this is made up)

Count me in, this is gonna be good. I can feel it in my fiction-bones. I think my bio is on Starstorms casting call thread.

All I want for Christmaaaaaas, is yoooooooooou! [/sings]

Name: Arkanem Stardale (aka Omega)
Age: 19-ish
Bio: A high level mage but he’s also developing swordsman skills; for what he lacks in power and strength, he makes up for in speed and quick thinking. A member of RPGC who is enthusiastic and always willing to help out.
What I Want: A copy of PS2 Soul Calibur 2 and the Evangelion TV series DVDs
Naughty Age: When I was 12, I got into a bit of a problem with the police after I trespassed on a private computer industry lab because of curiosity (this is made up)

Name: St. Kaiser

Age: 24 years OLD (at time of death and canonization)

Bio: Patron Saint of Anticlimatic Deus Ex Machina plot turns. Commonly depicted in black T-shirts (long sleeves this time o’ year) and jeans, and wearing a green apron for no logical reason. Dark, wavy, bishie-length hair with a few gray strands here and there. Usually frowning cynically or smirking mockingly.

Also, the patron saint of social satire and the sarcastic.

Died many years ago at the hotel where Gallo will be staying. While performing stand up comey, he made a witty and irreverent joke about how people who beleive in creationism tend to look really unevolved [eyes real close together, furry hands and feet, protruding forehead… “I believe God created me in one day!” ‘Yeah…looks like he rushed it.’ ] Unfortunately, the audience was 96% Pro-Life Creationist NRA members, who simultaneously drew their assault rifles and gunned him down on stage.]

His spirit still haunts the building…

Very intelligent, but very emotionally detached and withdrawn, almost judicial. Strong sense of justice and willingness to help the goodguys win; strong aversion to the spotlight and receiving awards and notoriety for good deeds done.

What I Want: I want to not be dead anymore, dammit!

Oh, and, um, a laptop would be nice. Yeah.

Naughty: Couple of good ones. Stole a bright rainbow colored keychain when I was 4. I was with my mom, she was shopping, and I thought she’d like that little keychain, but she didn’t want it. But I wanted her to have it so I slipped it into the shopping bag on the way out.

Of course, I got busted when I tried to give it to her. :smiley: Got dragged back to the store, all humiliated like, and had to apologize. Heh.

Other one would definitely having my first taste of beer at age 4, too. Talked my dad into letting me have a sip through constant pestering. Did the same thing with my mom and a glass of wine, a couple weeks later.

And those are all TRUE. :smiley:

So, um, as the bio suggests, I’m hoping for a brief appearance, hopefully ammounting to something useful. Maybe if somebody needed to borrow that gauntlet I picked up during the “King Of Fanfiction” story, St. Kaiser could give it to them…

I’m in. Just like last year.

Name: Chris Maxim (Thanks go to WM for pointing out the Pun) AKA Mabatsekker
Age: 17, turns 18 on 22nd… (MY CHILDHOOD… FADING…AWAY…slooooooowly…)
Bio: Finnish highschool student dude. Knows of Santa’s problem due to his relations with Santa’s secondary HQ in Lapland. Wishes to help out, but thinks imaginary miracle Blue Mage powers are fading as his age is nearing 18… but what he doesn’t realize, that anyone can be childlike, at any age! Loves catgirls. Loves hot cocoa. Helpful. Oh, and no rum for my cocoa.
What you Want: I want a catgirl plushie. And a Gameboy Advance SP. And Slayers Next DVD set.
Naughty Age: 6-7. I was the terror of the sandbox. I hit people in the head with iron spades, for they did not heed my call to build the greatest sandcastle of all time. Instead, the traitorous dogs went to build their own. I needed REVENGE! …and then I went to school and my evil dulled into nothing.

Originally posted by d Galloway
Santa’s evil twin half-brother has taken over the North Pole, and is upset with how the fat guy’s handling the naughty children.

<img src=“”> Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all…

Name: Jeremy, AKA Crotanks
Age: 14
Bio: High school freshman. Intelligent and likes to listen to rock. Calm most of the time, jes don’t push your luck.
What Cro Wants: MGS3 demo (not happening anytime soon, but I believe you know the details about it, d) and an acoustic.
Naughty Age: 6. Step mom was a stupid bitch that had me doing dishes and washing windows. I eventually got pissed and told her she wasn’t my mother and was no longer getting her jackshit for Mother’s Day. (You decide whether this is true or not, cuz I sure as hell ain’t tellin)

Name- StarStorm (RObert Wesley Smith III)
Age- 22
Bio- Generally a nice guy, but a bit depressive and tempermental. Is very playful and flirty with any female he likes. Does not like combat, but makes a person miserable behind the scenes: you might be able to kill him, but he can make you wish you were dead. Can fight if he needs to, but still… he is rather ruthless when fighting or when he is after something he wants. Honor means little to him in those cases. Often acts silly otherwise, and enjoys cheering up his friends. Good to his friends, cruel to his enemies. IT’s the best way to be.

What you Want- A harem. A large one.
Naughty Age- Wow. Too many to count. ANd some of them arent’ to be talked about, no.

Name: Jon (AKA Xero, BX)
Age: 20
Bio: Generally nice but sometimes overrational, flirts but always gets rejected.
What I want: money, DSL, FFXI with new computer and free access
Naughty Things: Um, nothing really just swearing a lot sometimes and making a lot of dirty jokes

Well, exceptionally I will add a few things. Not that I actually believe they will be used, but whatever.

Name: Manus Dei [Real name is still unknown]
Age: Immortal, stopped aging at 18.
Bio: Friendly and helpful towards some people, but bitter and detached towards several others. Always dreaming, and often tormented by constant doubts, he usually tries to hide his feelings from almost everyone.
His sense of honor can go too far at times, and he is often too strict with himself, refusing to partake in most kinds of joy.
He is still overcoming his cronic shyness, and may still feel embarassed once in a while, usually when a girl shows signs of liking him. He isn’t used to his presence being appreciated by people outside the group of heroes he usually accompanies on special missions.
He can never forget the past and is always dwelling on his mistakes and remembering all the times he was hurt.
He tends to stay away from other people and can be very difficult to approach when in a bad mood.
After a painful loss he is still trying to forget, he hid his spaceship and started wandering aimlessly for untold ages, until he came across a good friend who helped him find his purpose. He is about to leave again on another long journey, but before that, he has decided to visit a few acquaintances.
He carries a blade of legend, created centuries before his time and shaped by his spirit’s touch.
Wish: Happiness… or at least a huge chunk of chocolate to share with someone in a cold and lonely day.
Naughty Things: None. I could never do anything naughty, because of my overdeveloped sense of honor, and because of constant guilt for doing almost anything, but I don’t feel attached to my family. I often feel I haven’t enjoyed myself in ages.

Name: Hane
Age: 14
Bio: Generally optimistic and quiet. Has a sense of humour that may seem a little strange at times, but can be quite shy. She also tends to obsess over things she thinks she could have done better… If pressed, she’ll use spells, usually Light-specific.
What I want: A scanner or graphics tablet I could plug into the Mac would be nice…
Naughty Age: At about eleven, I slashed someone across the back and drew blood- with my nails. There’s probably worse, but I think I’ve blocked the memory… frowns

Originally posted by d Galloway
Holy mother of shit! 400 cans? How the hell’d you get away with that?

I figured I would get that response, so I will tell you just how we managed it.

Itwas around 3am and my friends house was only about 200m away. Im not going to explain hw I ended up being dragged into this mess, but needless to say I was nervous.

All of the back stock were kept in a storehouse (with freezer attached). This storehouse had only a door consisting of bars. My friend had deviced a method (stolen from me I might add, after he asked me hypothetically how to do it, before dragging me into this mess) that cosisted of a polearm with a stout hook on the end. The boxes were all stacked about 5 foot away from the door to the storehouse…

The idea is simple, you hook the bottom boxes and oull the whole pile over to the door, where you break the boxes and loot the cans. Now in this case, the only downside is the abmount of noise this would make. Fortunatly, it was right next to the freezer and so the sound of an industrial freezer meant that you could smash the damn things without anyone hearing. As we both had two large sports bags, we were able to carry roughly 100 cans per trip…

Thats how we did it, we got caught too, but we were empty handed at the time. I hope that I am never that foolish and easily pressured again.