Christmas Fanfic 2006 Signup Thread!

Okay, here we go. No idea how long this fic will last, considering my workload, but I’m going to give it a shot.

What I need from each of you:


Power Level (again, 5 is a normal human, a billion is a god)
White Magic Level (1-10)
Black Magic Level (1-10)

And now, two other questions:

  1. What do you want for Christmas? (Besides the two front teeth that hobo kicked out of you?)
  2. Who would win in a fight, Street Fighter’s Akuma or Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion? (What can I say? MKA comes out in a few weeks.)

Oh, and the fanfic update will be done by Wednesday.

Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 180 centimeters
Bio: A kid with a pretty normal life, for the most part, he’s been taking Martial Arts since a very young age, and has recently completed all the possible training possible in Muay Thai short of training directly under a grand-master. He’s incredibly intelligent and charismatic, although his common sense is not always what it should be. He’s strongly anarchist (not the violent, SMASH THE STATE sort, but the more pacified kind who realized it would require a gradual change) and tends to dress in tight, effeminate clothing (also wearing a lot of feux-animal skin, Cheetah, leopard, Zebra, and tiger prints. Checker-patterns are acceptable, and he sometimes wears plaid pants. Owns a whole lot of leather pants, also, all purchased at thrift stores) and speak in unusually formal language. Nowhere near old English like Percival speaks, but he uses a whole lot of big words and linguistic gymnastics in his speech. He listens to punk and tends to wear a loose black canvas jacket almost entirely coated in various band patches. He despies prejudice and tyranny. Often the joker of the group, his humour tends towards the mean, sarcastic side, and sometimes crosses the border into outright abuse. He’s very good at talking and dealing with people, being able to argue points clearly and effectively and being very convincing. He also crosses the border into outright abuse in his arguments, too. Bluntly honest, and has a reputation among most people for being a dick and generally selfish asshole, he’s been known to show a sweet, redeeming side, at times. Just, not at very many times. He believes in the concept of Spirit Animals; his are the Wolf and Thunderhawk. He was born under the mark of the crow in Native American astrology, and also places some value in this. Feel free to use these to explain psuedonatural happenings if you like; lightning punches and stuff like that, or just as a part of his personality.

Equipment: His clothing, which provides no armour, a large number of melee weapons, including many swords, a prized kukri knife, Ivory Nunchaku dating back to 1800s Thailand, and several metal three-sectioned staves, his favourite weapon.

Power Level: 40 or so, being fully human, but very skilled at fighting and pretty physically tough. 120-200 if his spiritual connections come to grant him power.
White Magic Level 0
Black Magic Level 0 (6 with Thunderhawk powers, if he gains them)

And now, two other questions:

  1. What do you want for Christmas?
    To go on a date, preferably concert, with a girl.
  2. Who would win in a fight, Street Fighter’s Akuma or Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion? Sentimentally, I’d vote for Scorpion, but in objective terms, it’s a hard fight to call. Neither one seems able to really die, and both use the same element, primarily, in combat, preventing elemental cancelations. However, Scorpion does have divine power backing him up, which might be able to put Akuma out of the fight for good. If he can’t, then it’s probably going to be a never-ending battle.
    Although, if I had to pick one, overall, I’d say Scorpion. Akuma’s been defeated a couple time in Streetfighter, which is a much lower-tier world, while Scorpion hasn’t really been canonically defeated in MK, which is a much higher tier realm of fighters.

I sign up for these every year… why stop now?

Name: PC Glenton
Age: mid to late twenties, says he’s 26
Height: 5’11"

Bio: RPGC’s thief, has been stealing since he could remember… and since that is only about three to four years ago, its not all that impressive. Currently, per d’s last stories, in the RPGC Task Force, via blackmail, and kept somewhat legal by his “comrades.” Still the same cold-blooded crook as ever, though.

Still, not much to say. He prefers to keep his past to himself, and will get violent if pushed about it. An unread autobiography hints at Triad training, secret bio-corps, and one interesting case of Multiple Personality Syndrome, which is resolved, as far as he is concerned.

Also has a violent rivalry with Valkyrie Esker, and as d confirmed in the past, also has some kind of grudge against Galloway himself, for reasons unknown by both parties (probably the shotgun marriage). And, very very weak to magic, and can’t even be healed by it.

Equipment: Dual pistals, collapsable modified sniper rifle with the name “Mia” scratched on it… ask about it and die. Carries a blue light-saber like sword called the Dragon Tooth, and also has loads of thieving equipment on him, all hidden in a long, black leather jacket he always wears.

Power Level: 20. Not a superhuman in anyway, but his skills and tactics make up the difference. Think Batman or Catwoman, with the lack of ethics.
Black Magic Level: 0, if not in negative numbers. Very weak to it.
White Magic level: 0, like Black Magic. Can’t even heal him, and even Raise III has trouble, if it even works.

  1. For Christmas I want the answer to one question, and possibly a remedy: WHY THE FRICKING HELL AM I SO WEAK TO MAGIC?

  2. Scorpion. Never really played Street Fighter passed the… Second? So, I have to stick with what I know, the undead Ninja.

You know I’m in, don’t you? :wink:

Name: Wilfredo Martinez AKA WM or Wil
Gender: male
Age: Adult
Height: 5’7’’ or thereabout
Bio: Born in Puerto Rico, he had the gift of Magic since childhood. But his family was superstitious so they forbade him from developing it. When he was a teenager, his parents died, and, unhappy with normal life, he left his home to explore the Multiverse. Years later he returned to Earth, now a powerful sorcerer. He discovered RPGC and joined them. He’s also been teaching his teenage niece, Nelimar, how to use her own latent magical abilities.
Equipment: Varies with each mission, but usually includes: Magic Staff, Cape of Protection, and various healing potions

Power Level: Typical end-of-the-game Level. Assume Level 75.
White Magic Level (1)
Black Magic Level (10)

And now, two other questions:

  1. What do you want for Christmas? A date with an RPG Babe would be nice… :wink:

  2. Who would win in a fight, Street Fighter’s Akuma or Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion? Scorpion. COME OVER HERE!! Tears spine out

Name: Omega (still working on a better name >.>)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5’10
Appearance in case: Blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, slender, looks younger than he is
Bio: Omega’s been with RPGC for a while now, although he was inactive for a long period of time. Where he was is unclear, but he has mentioned discovering new things about the Multiverse. He has returned to RPGC recently boasting a new arsenal of more practical (but still very powerful) magical abilities but retains his off-beat personality and lack of healing spells or physical strength. Omega has since become more carefree, goofy, and intelligent (although is a bit clueless at times) and is as flighty and unpredictable as ever, and still has a remarkable amount of stamina and energy. He knows when to get serious though, and remains a skilled tactician, and has a caring side. He has also become more tolerant of people who used to irritate him (Kiro, for instance) and rather than snapping at them will either make a good natured wry remark or just attack them in a comedic fashion.

Equipment: Varies depending on what he’s doing, but for this Christmas he’s armed with a katana with several Japanese symbols engraved onto the blade. He also wears a gold bracelet, one of his few defenses, that makes him immune to Silencing or Paralysis.

Power Level: Very powerful, endgame or so. I’m not sure an exact number.
White Magic Level: 1
Black Magic Level: 9

And now, two other questions:

  1. Dunno yet, I’ll PM you about that
  2. Samuel L. Jackson would beat both of them. >.>

Arac, I also want to point out that your character is one of the biggest Marty Stus I’ve seen in ages.

I’ve been doing this for a while and I must say again that Galloway you rock at it!

Name: Xero (Bahamut is the dragon word for king)
Gender: M
Age: 2300
Height: 8’0"
Bio: After his parents’ murders and the successful reconstruction of his race’s future, Xero ventured to RPGC and decided to make it his second home. Lending his nearly unlimited resources to help the organization thrive and defending it has it was his home. Presently, he tries the aid the task force in any way, but mostly keeps GG and PC out of trouble. While he is extremely protective of his friends, he also doesn’t hesitate to crack jokes and is a generally positive presence, even in the heat of battle.

Equipment: He always carries his golden staff with a dragon’s head carved on top, which glows and ampifies his magical abilities, a navy blue robe, and wears an ornamental crown, although it doesn’t give much protection. He always seems to have an elixer on his person in the most needed moments.

Power level: 9,999-he’s trained and studied relentlessly after his parents’ deaths
Black Magic: 10
White Magic: 2-While he does not study it in any way, his knowledge of magic in general would able him to cast White magic if the need arises, but it would drain him terribly.

  1. He wants more than ever to have his parents’ killers brought to justice.

  2. Scorpion, he wins in general coolness. “Get over here!” totally beats Akuma’s general grunts.

Name: Mabatsekker
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 172cm in his rarely-seen civilian form, 185cm in Blue Form.
Bio: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Finnish Blue Mage Superhero (Blue Wizard 8/ Superhero 4) who gained his powers from his over-active imagination. Fought for justice, laughs and catgirls in Finland but noticed the severe lack of supervillains. Moved to Paragorn to fight thugs for a while but ultimately ended up in the RPGC Task Force, much to the chagrin of Galloway. Took a correspondence course in Saikyo , mastering it to a degree where he developed a few techniques of his own. Further trained to be called a Blue Wizard, but no-one really knows the difference (nor cares). Has a problem with people who make rage-based transformations.

Equipment: Combat Gi which turns away low-caliber bullets, Blue Wizard’s mask, Fists, Feet, Cellphone and a lifetime supply of catgirl pr0n.

Power Level: 55 (If you consider Wil’s type…) While clearly above the human norm, Mabatsekker gets slammed around by deities and other mighty individuals, but they risk raising his power by adding theirs to his.
White Magic Level: 5. Keeps his protections up to task at all times. In search of Weiila’s Whisper.
Black Magic Level: 3. Still a considerable contender as he has a wide array of attacks. Not afraid of a tussle, though.

And now, two other questions:

  1. What do you want for Christmas? A new set of copic markers.

You know Gallo, I think you know my current stats better than I do :wink: I’m at your fic service as per usual :kissy:

And for Christmas I want… my twenty page essay done in time.

Meh, it’s only a Marty-Stu if he’s like me, which beyond not liking tyranny, he’s not. Arac’s personality is like a cross between Conan the Barbarian (the Robert E. Howard’s Conan, the clever and semi-conniving one, not the pop-culture brute force Conan) and some slick politician. I’m foppish, effiminate, and favour blunt, brutal, honesty in very fancy wording to slick deceptions in barbarian grunts.

Name: GG Crono (Happily answers to GG. It does not stand for anything, so don’t ask.)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown. Looks like he’s in his early twenties.
Height: 6’0"
Bio: The man who calls himself GG Crono is a strange one. One day, he awakened with a bad case of amnesia and saw a recolor of a popular game character staring him in the face. Cursing the Powers That Be for damning him with such a cliche origin, he’s sworn not to play their game. He might just bet he last of an ancient race, or the remnant of a secret experiment, or a being destined to destroy the universe, or perhaps just some moron who hit his head. He could not care less.

While he once fancied himself a wanderer, he always found himself drifting back to the realm of RPGC, and it’s there he has settled. Not that he’d turn down the opportunity for some cheap thrills if they were offered.

Equipment: One(1) seemingly magical katana. Made of an unknown material that’s apparant indescructable, and can be made to burst into flame with an application of will.

Power Level: Probobly about 50
White Magic Level: 0
Black Magic Level: 2

  1. Peace and harmony amongst all of RPGC.

Though, barring that, a second sword would be neat. Beacause two-sword fighting styles are just plain badass.

  1. Probobly Scorpion. You can’t argue with the Get Over Here.

Yo. Same as Weiila, use me as you see fit.

And what do I want for Christmas? Well, what I most want is Rydia, but since that ain’t happening, I’ll take one Incendiary Shotgun, please.

Name: Kirokokori
Gender: Girl
Age: 13 (Or, I will be by Christmas
Height: 5" 4’
Bio: Kiro is a 13 year old cat girl, known for being hyper. Although, as she’s gotten older, she’s gotten a bit more mature. She’s learning magic right now, and tends to prefer water element black magic above others. She joined RPGC for…no particular reason, and is now part of the Task Force.

In appearence, she has very, very short brown hair (It got cut.), blue eyes, and pale skin. Her cat ears and tail are white.
Equipment: Bazooka

Power Level: 45
White Magic Level (3)
Black Magic Level (4)

And now, two other questions:

  1. A staff for magic (Cuz’ she needs one)
  2. Scorpian…because I say so.

Fuck you guys, in the Final Saga, everybody was up in the thousands or hudnreds of thousands. Now I feel like a god-modding douchebag. Gally, 'sit okay if I edit later. >.<

Yeah, next you’ll be the child of a God with impervious armor and weapons that have a lot of powers and can morph into any weapon you want, all of which you are skilled with.

OH WAIT. :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Heaven’s Soldier
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 8"

Bio: Still helping to run the RPGC Task Force. With a lot of difficulty considering it’s current members. Although known for being a master swordmans when using his two katanas, has been starting to use his fists as his main weapon. So that he can end more fights without the lose of life. And of course can stil sprout angel wings to take fight to the sky.

Equipment: Two katanas, and a pair of wind elemental gaunlets (similar to the Devil May Cry’s gaunlets).

Power Level: 120
White Magic Level: 1
Black Magic Level: 4

And now, two other questions:

  1. What do you want for Christmas?: I guess someone to care about, and to love would be great. And who also cares and loves me too.

  2. Who would win in a fight, Street Fighter’s Akuma or Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion?: It just has to be Scorpion for me.

Name: Darkness Beckons
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (well, by Christmas <<)
Height: 6’ 2"

Bio: Has started wandering more extensively in the shadows, getting more and more annoyed at humanity, and has discovered that it links not just shadows in one worlds but, from what he can tell, quite possibly all worlds. Though he has to be careful not to go out unprotected, in case he enters one that would kill him. He has also discovered that there are monsters in the realms, but well…they’re shadows, and he only encounters them if he wanders off the sealed off paths, which he has only learned to do recently.
Still enjoys hanging about RPGC though, and bugging people to teach him whenever he gets the chance there.

Equipment: A katana that used to be the Rainbow Edge, but with each kill of a shadow creature has being changed, another element added to it which makes it a powerful channel for shadow magic.

Power Level: 100 but 1000 if he’s in the shadows, and that increases with each kill he makes there.
White Magic Level: 1, the most basic healing spells only, though he knows a fair bit of general 1st Aid.

Black Magic Level: 7 outside of shadows, but 10 inside.

And now, two other questions:

  1. What do you want for Christmas? More knowledge about how magic actually works!
  2. Who would win in a fight, Street Fighter’s Akuma or Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion? Scorpion. Scorpion.

Name: demigod can’t remember his original name yet, so he responds to Demi
Gender: Male
Age: Let’s pretend it’s 22
Height: 5’ 12"
Appearance: I think demi figured out how to alter his physical appearance, so normally a skinny guy with long brown hair. When necessary for combat, demi can revert to his old form, a furry, feathered, clawed freaky-looking humanoid with wings.

Bio: some years ago demigod was exiled from his home dimension after nearly causing a massive calamity, and so lost much of his magical power (as he had formerly been a god of sorts, but originally had been human). Demi stuck around RPGC because it was an interesting place. Demi doesn’t so much keep to himself as he just doesn’t bother looking for people to hang around with.

Equipment: Nothing too special. A slightly magical spear.

Powerlevel: 1000
White Magic: 7
Black Magic: 7

What I want for Xmas: No sweaters. Maybe Katamari Damacy or DDR Max 1, since I can’t seem to find them in my local gaming stores.
Scorpion vs. Akuma: Who’s Akuma?

Demi…as you apparantly forgot, there’s 12 inches in a foot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Omega and Arac: Cool it, OK? This is just for fun.

Omega, if you check up Gallo’s first post he said ANY level up to ONE BILLION was acceptable. I know that’s absurd but it’s HIS story so if he wants to allow characters with such power levels it’s OK then. Let him figure out how to use them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arac, I’d advise a lower power level if you expect your character to be used as something more than a Deus-Ex-Machina (but agan, that’s up to Gallo.) You certainly still have time to edit your entry. (Creating balanced characters ISN’T as easy as it sounds; one of the reasons I gave my character such poor healing abilities was to compensate for his high destructive magic.) Besides, incredible power is no guarantee of being invincible, just ask all the RPG Final Bosses. Special abilities and strategy also count. :wink:

And it seems nobody thinks Akuma can beat Scorpion… I wonder WHY d is aslking that? Don’t tell me the Xmas Story will be a Fighting Game crossover! 0_o

Wil, I was just joking around, really. I honestly was expecting a much higher average tier, though, just from my memory of the Final Saga, so I edited the profile to fit better. The “Fuck you guys!” stuff was a joke, though, sorry if it came across like I was actually mad at you for making lower power-level characters.