Chris-chris has been very bad to you guys...

:too bad; Okay, I’ve been a bad girl and haven’t written anything all summer long after I said I would have more of my work during the summer. But, For an odd reason, my brain turns off and I can’t write during the summer. So, I have two fics I’m still writing and one of them I haven’t sent to Weiila yet. (Dunno if she will have the time to look over it.) Another one I have a HUGE writer’s block on it. >_<

But, since school is starting back up soon, my brain will function properly and maybe it’ll tell me what to do with my fics. I can’t promise my Zelda fic will be running but the BOF fic that I have is what almost complete.

Anyway’s, Chris-chris be good little dragon and do what her little brain does best and write. Hehehe, now to tell my fingers that. :slight_smile: j/k. :hahaha;

Yes bad bad Chris-chris. :fungah:

There’s no need to rush, Chrissy… Take your time.

Well, Manus is being nice Manus but what he meant to say was this: WRITE OR I’LL BEAT YOU WITH A STICK BITCH!

Please tell you meant that? Right? I’m not just crazy right?

sorry… :too bad;

me whacks Seph over the head with a mallet
Don’t listen to him, Chrissy… I’d never say such a thing to you! :slight_smile:

It was joke :runaway: beats Manus with a teletubbie

TELETUBBIES?! Now you’ve done it, mister! Those things are EVIL!
torches all teletubbies

Dude, I own evil. ties Manus up and locks him away with super anti-Manus handcuffs, and forces him to simultaneously on 3 screens watch video’s of Barney, Teletubbie and Bill Gates all engaged in rampant illegal sex acts

Manus, Seph. STOP IT, right now, or I will be forced to do somethig that neither of you want! A TIME-OUT!!

And Chris, I know what you are going through my brain hardly ever works during the holidays, but the moment I back at school, BOOM it’s woorking over time.

So hang in their and ignore these idiots.

For some reason, having a lot of free time turns off a creative brain I’ve noticed, happens to me too. Don’t worry Chris, I’ll have From fear to hope up in the next update :slight_smile:

And listen to HS dudes, chill or else I’ll let Magus cast Ice2 on you :slight_smile:

What? Geez… Some people can’t handle a joke.

<img src=“”> <a href=“”>No soup for you!</a>

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
What? Geez… Some people can’t handle a joke.

A joke? A joke he says?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that is funny!! /sarcasm

You may having been joking, but you were the only one laughing, and that just ain’t funny!

No really, you have some kinda inability to take a joke.

A joke is funny. Not as stupid as hell.

It’s funny to people who know me and who what I’m like.

Come on, break it down… Stop this please.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
It’s funny to people who know me and who what I’m like.

Rude? I can understand different types of humour, but name-calling?

Isn’t this thread supposed to be about Chrissy’s work? Cut it out, guys, before Weiila has to take action.

And Chrissy, keep this in mind: Fan Fictions are supposed to please FIRST AND FOREMOST, the person who WRITES it. Unlike PROFESSIONAL work, you’re NOT being paid to write this stuff, so you owe it to NO one. The only pressure is the one you put on YOURSELF. If you feel you can write a story to please a group of readers, and you promise to do so, then yes, you have a responsability, but YOU took on it, and YOU decide if you can fulfill it or not. If can happen that after you promise to write something at a certain time, you may find out that, for whatever reason, you can’t do it. In that case, apologize and explain, but feel no shame. Again: this is YOUR work, and you owe it to no one.

So, take your time, and when you feel your work is ready, share it with us. And, regardless of the public’s reaction, feel proud that you wrote it. That’s more than many people can do.