Chord Organs

I recently acquired a 1970-something chord organ, a Baldwin Fun Machine to be precise. I’ve never really played piano, keyboard, or any instrument of that nature, but this thing is pretty neat.

I do have experience playing musical instruments. I’ve played guitar for about 6 years or so. I’m very casual about it and not very good, but musical jargon doesn’t go over my head so i should have pretty easy time understanding anything that is said to me.

Anyway I was just hoping to get some playing tips and pointers from some the more musically adept members of the board. Just some basics and maybe some good websites to get some good beginners lessons from.

The only advice I can give in regards to organs is make sure you practice with a metronome when you do practice. This is true for every instrument.

it has a blinking light that’s built in which acts like a metronome, and a drum emulator. This thing can do a lot of really neat stuff.

Are you trying to learn the keys as a whole or anything specific? (two hand playing, chord progressions, etc)

If you’ve played a bit of guitar casually for a while, chords won’t be a problem. The tried-and-true method of “Heart and Soul” should work if need be. C Major - A Minor - F Major - G Major. All major chords Start on one note, next note is four keys above it (the third), and above that (the fifth) three more keys. Therefore, C Major = C E G. Minor keys are flip floped. Three keys above the first note (the root), and four above. C Minor - C Eb G. A Minor - A C E.

For seventh chords, no problem. Play any major/minor chord, and use your ring finger to hit a) the note four steps from the fifth/one note from the root an octave higher for a Major 7th b) the note three steps from the fifth/two notes from the root an octave higher for a Dominant seventh.

That’s as far as I can explain things; I’m not much for teaching material. If you’re really wanting to learn sheet music, I strongly recommend looking up some sheet music from the Final Fantasy games, picking some out that look interesting and to your level, and hacking your way through it until you “get it under your fingers” and can play it up tempo. Then find another tune and carry on. That’s how I taught myself.

Hope this helps.