Choose my destiny.

Well, it’s Eid (a muslim celebration), and I got alot of money. I am thinking buying some games, but I don’t know which.

These are some of my choices:

Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne
Star Ocean 3
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
X-Men Legends
Viewtiful Joe

I am looking for good RPGS and Fighting games, please suggest some more games, or which ones I should get. I am only interested in PC and PS2 games, and I already got San Andreas :stuck_out_tongue:

Star Ocean, definitely.

World of Warcraft is supposedly coming out on the 23rd. I’m in the beta and I don’t think it’s anywhere near ready for retail, but you may want to keep your eye on it.

Either Star Ocean or X-men, but that’s only if your into using all the X-men in a multiplayer setting with your buddies. If not, then Star Ocean it is.

Leisure Suit Larry.

I particularly liked FFX , XS was good and I hear TOS is being ported to PS2. XS 2 and WA Code F are due out in early 2005 and SG will obviously endorse the Growlanser games being remade by Working Design. I know KOTOR 2 is coming out soon, but I don’t know when it will be ported to PC.

KOTOR 2 is coming out February for PC (or was it March?)

Buy Star Ocean 3, then go rent Viewtiful Joe for a week.

Of the ones you listed…

Shin Megami Tensei - Heard a few good things about it :smiley:
Star Ocean 3 - Can’t reccomend this one, I hated SO2. :confused:
SFAC - There’s no reason not to buy this :stuck_out_tongue:
XML - It’s pretty damn good :smiley: But single player is kinda lame…if you can get some buddies, it’s rad.
Viewtiful Joe - GREAT game, though I heard that the PS2 version has slowdown issues… :confused: I don’t know how bad they are, or if they’re even bad at all. If this doesn’t bother you, this is one of the most amazing platformers around.

Other than that, Growlanser Generations, Metal Gear Solid 3, Capcom Fighting Evoluion, and Megaman X8 should all be out within a month.

X-Men Legends!

I would recommend against SO3. I liked SO2, but SO3 just didn’t do it for me. Viewtiful Joe is alright, but there are better games out there. Like someone said earlier, MGS3 is coming out in a couple of days. If you are a fan of Street Fighter games, the anniversary collection is a no brainer. I haven’t played X-Men Legends, but ti looks cool and has gooten good reviews.

My Picks

Neverwinter Nights Platinum(PC)
Doom 3
Lords Of Everquest:Champions of Norrath(PC or PS2)

What Sin said.

Out of that list, I personally recommend Nocturne and SFAC. Finally, a port of 3rd Strike on a usable controller (withstanding arcadE)

Yeah you could get the Growlanser collection. If you don’t have it you should get Okage. It is really funny and it should be cheap.

Final Fantasy XII and Suikoden IV are coming out in the next few months if you wish to wait.

FFXII isn’t evevn out in Japan, get your facts straight Xero.

I really enjoy playing Doom 3, personally and Everquest is shit.

I think you should keep a eye out for Shadow Hearts 2, I’ve heard it was good. Just keep an open mind about gay porn.

Hmm, i haven’t played Shadow Hearts 1 yet. Should I get that first?

Don’t blame me, blame the site.

Unless I’m completely irrational (which there is always a possiblitly, however unlikely) December 30, 2004 is only about a month and half away, which more than qualifies for “in the next few months”. Now that I think about it, I should have said “in the next few weeks”, but that’s getting picky.

In case you were wondering Suikoden IV is supposed to be out January 11.

For proof, click here.

RE: FFXII release date:

Square Enix expects Dragon Quest VIII to have sufficiently sold more than enough copies by the time they plan to release Final Fantasy XII. Currently this title is planned for a Fall 2005 release in North America.