Choose my classes for me

I dont know what classes to take next semester, so what do you suggest?

take a course in design, and drawing. those are fun. Art History can be pretty cool, but it sucks when you have to write essays.

EMT Class. It’s 7 1/2 units, teaches a valuable skill, and is probably a good place to pick up chicks.

Emergency Medical Technician?

Fuck school, dig for coal. You’ll learn more in a mine shaft then in any classroom.


Anything but Desktop Publishing…it’s boring as hell. >_>

‘How to be a Loyal Minion’.

Come to the UK and take a degree in French Beekeeping.

Take as many computer classes as possible. I don’t mean ‘computer programming’ classes, I’m referring to ‘computer applications’ classes. They’re classes that teach you tricks about using Office and other programs. I’m sure whatever your career goals are, they’ll involve interacting with a computer at one point or another and I don’t mean coming here during your breaks.

Tricks using office?
About the only tricks there are are things you should already know how to do. Fuck taking a computer apps class.
Take a computer programming class, or become a tech assistant for the school.

Well, I enjoy economics classes. It’s interesting to learn about how our economies work, and if you play a MMORPG, you can try to learn how its economy works, too.

There’s no need to be so rude Steve. You’d be surprised how many of my college classmates ask me for computer help that I learned in my first two ‘computer applications’ classes that everyone, no matter what major, is invited to take. They also help you practice your keyboarding skills.

Sorry if I seemed rude. I have a deep hatred of the computer applications classes they teach around me. All it consists of is Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.
You don’t learn how to do anything you really do need to know.

You’re always scary… :bowser:

Sounds like somebody could use a big hug!!! Hugs Nulani

No problem, I just wanted to remind you that everyone who takes those classes aren’t people who use Office on a regualar basis.

Given, most people in this forum probably do use Office a lot, I am currently taking a Database Management class focused on Access. Now, I have used it for years in my summer job and thought I was a whiz at it. We just took our midterm and nobody in the class (including me) had no clue how to do what the instructor asked and he had to guide us though it. It’s kind of funny how a midterm can turn into a normal class.

“In order to answer the question, you must first question the answer.”

Or in other words… well, that depends.

What have you already taken, and what do you want to be when you grow up (assuming you know the answer to that).

Other than that, a creative writing and/or theatre class never did me any harm…


“So You’ve Decided to Drop Out of University”. It’s a philosophy course.